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5 US Psychologists Offering Grief Counseling Near Me

Grief is an emotional reaction to a loss, mainly the loss of a beloved. It can impact an individual’s emotional and mental well-being. Grief can be different for everyone going through grief. Some people get over grief with time naturally without having to go through severe emotional turmoil. However, many other people cannot handle grief, which negatively impacts their health. People who fail to cope with the loss of a loved one undergo severe depression, and they cannot get out of it without grief counselling near me. The primary purpose of grief counselling near me is to help a traumatised individual to grieve healthily and heal sooner.

When I lost my grandfather, I was not aware of grief counselling near me, and I dealt with the grieving process terribly. It took me years to get over the pain of losing him. Hence, I will walk you through a couple of renowned grief counsellors in the USA that can help you get out of grief more easily.

Lori Saltzman

Lori Saltzman is a life coach, grief educator, and certified yoga teacher. Lori is also a Pilates Instructor, a Reiki practitioner, and a certified grief counsellor. She is on a mission to inspire, elevate, and educate. Surprisingly, Lori hired a Life Coach for her personal and professional growth and reinvented herself. It is how she knew what she wanted to do in her life.

Lori is an empathetic wonder woman who can offer grief counselling near me to help you to overcome your grief and lead a peaceful life. She offers grief counselling near me regarding loss and divorce and provides sessions in person and online. You can reach out to her via the information mentioned below:


1233 Remington Dr.

Volo IL 60020


Phone: 18479627109


Messenger: Lori Slobin-Saltzman


Kara Baxter

Kara Baxter is a Life Enhancement Coaching and Grief & Trauma Educator.

Life takes many transitions with each passing day. As a human, we have to face many challenges on a day-to-day basis, including losing a loved one or discovering ourselves. During these bitter experiences, you may feel depressed, burnt out, and have low energy and confidence. You might even break down.

Kara believes each individual possesses unique talents and strengths to tackle life’s problems. However, we need someone to bring out the best in us by helping us navigate life tests smoothly. Kara Baxter provides excellent grief counselling near me to assist you in healing from grief and rediscovering yourself. She offers a wide variety of services, including online support, in-person coaching, group coaching, grief and trauma coaching, parenting coaching etc. Mentioned below are the details you can use to reach out to her:


Wester Chester PA 19380

United States


Website: Kara Baxter Coaching

Website: Free Female Support Group

Website: Instagram

Leah Nelson

Leah Nelson is a certified Grief Coach and an Executive Coach. She provides grief counselling near me and executive coaching in person and in groups. Leah is a highly skilled grief coach and a leader with over 24 years of experience providing personal and professional growth services. She specialises in helping individuals build the life of their dreams and recover from any grief, including the loss of a loved one.

Leah Nelson believes that grieving the loss of a special one is one of the most difficult challenges life throws at us, and it’s harder for some than others. Therefore, her grief counselling servic near me can significantly help those losing family, friends, divorce, and much more. She is also a life coach and a Process group facilitator. You can contact her on the information provided below:


La Mesa CA91942

United States

Work Phone: 760.521.7919

Work Email:

Website: Nelson Leadership Inc

Wendy Douglas

Wendy Douglas is also a Certified Grief Educator with a Master’s Diploma in Biblical Counselling specialising in grief and loss. Wendy’s passion is to come alongside those grieving the loss of a dear one and act as compassionate support by providing grief counselling near me. She aims to help individuals to incorporate and hold space for grief so that it doesn’t feel like baggage and is manageable for living. Life will be beautiful again, but it is painful right now, and Wendy Douglas intends to eliminate this pain and bring you back to life.

Wendy Douglas offers grief counselling near me, terminal compassionate care, and biblical education. She will hold your hand and never let go until you let go of the grief. It will take time to heal, but you will not be alone. You will eventually learn to incorporate grief into your life so that you no longer feel its crushing weight. I assure you that you will feel better the first time you take a session with her.


Winchester VA22602

United States

Work Email:

Website: Delighted by Grace

Dianne Marie Deering

Marie is a highly talented Certified Grief Educator. Dianne doesn’t only offer grief counselling near me but is also a Certified Life Coach and a Trauma Incident Facilitator. The global pandemic hit us all hard, and we lost dear ones, bringing us immense pain and heartache. No goodbyes and sudden deaths left bereaved family and friends to discover it themselves. With the deaths of beloved ones, fear was instilled in everyone, questioning what if I was next.

Whether you are grieving the loss of yourself, the life you had, the death of someone close, the loss of a pet, or separation/divorce, certain spiritual principles can help you heal if you are willing to take a look. If you can’t, Dianne Deering is here for your rescue.

Marie offers grief counselling near me in person and in groups. She also provides life coaching and spiritual healing. I will highly recommend her to anyone in dire need of grief counselling. Her information is mentioned below:


Mountain View CA 94041

United States

Work Phone: 760-880-0374

Work Email:


Take a home message!

It’s not possible to define in words what grief is because everyone goes through it differently, but it is a universal emotion. However, it is a normal response to tragedy and loss. It is a process of feeling pain and sorrow deeply to let it go and make room for a new beginning. I want to share that just because you lose someone to death doesn’t mean you cannot continue connecting with them. LOVE NEVER DIES!

You have to acknowledge their physical presence is no more, and accepting it is bitter and horrifying. If you are grieving such a loss and cannot cope, you should seek grief counselling near me. The grief counsellors I have mentioned above are worth checking out. If I had known about grief counselling near me a couple of years back, my healing process would be much healthier and more effortless. Hence, I wholeheartedly recommend it to all.


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