Our Story

My life had a significant transformation in 2020. Amidst the worldwide turmoil, I felt compelled to intervene. The pandemic was a mental health problem, especially among young people. Teenagers all around the country were dealing with tremendous psychological issues, and I knew something had to change.


I’ve always had a strong desire to encourage and inspire young people. Their enthusiasm, inventiveness, and potential are limitless, yet I could see how the epidemic was dampening their flame. I wanted to make them feel alive again, spark their zest for life, and give them the assistance they needed to get through these difficult times.


That’s when the concept for YouthTableTalk came to mind. I discussed my concept with my colleague, Talia Siddiq, who was similarly eager to make a difference. We set out on a goal to build a vibrant and engaging platform devoted to young people’s mental health.


YouthTableTalk became our adventure, a trip into the thoughts and emotions of young people. We wanted to understand their issues and provide concrete answers to help them overcome them. Our blog became a safe space for young people to express their worries and seek help.


We Brings Our Thoughts To Actions

We want to create YouthTableTalk more than simply a blog, but a movement. We created pieces that were not only informational, but also inspirational and uplifting. We wanted every young person who visited our website to feel a bit more optimistic, understood, and alive.


YouthTableTalk is a light of hope in a world that may often seem overwhelming. It’s a place where we celebrate young people’s resilience and promise while also providing them with the resources they need to succeed. Our objective is to transform their hardships into triumphant tales, assisting people in not just surviving but also fully living their lives.

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