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The year 2020 was one of the most eventful years of my life. I had to suffer substantial financial losses, and my personal life was full of issues. It felt like I am starting my life from zero. Same was the case with majority of people around me. Everyone was badly affected by the pandemic and lots of people especially teenagers were suffering from psychological issues. They needed guidance to bring their lives back on track.
I always wanted to bring positive change in the youth. So, i felt this is the right time to do exactly that. As, i thought that their serious psychological and social issues could affect their future personal and professional lives. Therefore, i decided to start a blog with my colleague Talia siddiq.
Talia siddiq also wanted to start a blog to practice this idea.  Hence, both of us started a blog by the name of Youthtabletalk.
Youthtabletalk is a place where we identify common problems faced by youth and try our best to provide feasible solutions to these problems. Everyone is invited to share their concerns with us, and we are here to offer solutions to their problems through our articles.
Ammad Hafeez Qureshi

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