Our Team

Our Team


Business Plan Writer

Ammad Hafeez Qureshi

CEO – YouthTable Talk 

My name is Ammad Hafeez Qureshi, and I earned my MBA degree in finance. I have more than ten years of finance and content writing experience since I have worked with multiple companies on various national and international projects. Moreover, I have authored a novel named “Blind Alley.” I am a passionate writer who has always used his writings to better himself and those around him. Here, I will use the platform of Youthtabletalk to guide the young generation to excel in their personal and professional lives. Financial freedom and career development are the two most common issues faced by youth. I know their struggles because I was in this place once as well. The majority of youth don’t know how to utilize their skills to earn money for themselves and their family. They need continuous guidance and moral support. I will try to guide them to the best of my capabilities and help them achieve their financial goals.

Aqsa Ejaz- Psychology Writer

My name is Aqsa Ejaz and I am a clinical psychologist and content writer with an aim to empower youth who suffers with several mental health issues. As being a clinical psychologist, my expertise spans a wide range of psychological issues, such as anxiety, depression, stress management, self-esteem, relationship difficulties, trauma, and other life transitions etc. With YouthTableTalk, my intention is to share insights and practical tips to enhance mental well-being and promote self-care that is very much neglected these days.

Ashra Abdul Razzaq-Psychology Writer 

I am Ashra Abdul Razzaq, a proud graduate in the field of psychology aiming to make a positive impact on people’s lives, particularly those who are struggling with mental health and Psychological issues. For me, this isn’t just a career choice; it’s a passion. I believe that every individual deserves to lead a fulfilling and mentally healthy life. I was offered with a remarkable opportunity to contribute to YouthTableTalk, where I can share my knowledge in psychology to heal and empower others. Through this platform, I see a pathway to reach out to countless individuals, offering them insights, guidance, and hope. My goal is to create a safe and supportive space for individuals seeking peace and understanding in mental health. With every word I write, I hope to instill a sense of optimism, resilience, and compassion in the hearts of my readers. Mental health is an essential aspect of our overall well-being, and I am determined to play my part in promoting awareness and understanding.


Mishal Nasir -Medical and Psychology Writer

I am Mishal Nasir , a qualified MBBS doctor . Since childhood, I had an interest in writing on topics related to the medical and mental health fields. Especially, writing on Mental health is something close to my heart. Actually, I often see people suffering from psychological issues and that saddens me. Therefore, I want to heal people by providing simple solutions to their complicated problems. My passion for writing and medical knowledge has helped me to jot down my understanding of life and share it with others. So, I think this blog provides me with an ideal opportunity to use all my skills to bring happiness and peace to others’ lives.

Aneeza Pervez

Youth Consultant

I’m Aneeza Pervez a graduate student and a freelance content writer. I have joined Youthtabletalk as i am very passionate about educating youth about the importance of understanding and solving their mental & financial issues. I know their struggles because I see everybody around me getting affected by psychological and financial issues. Moreover,i will also gudie youth to earn money through interesting ways. I will guide youth to utilize their skills to earn money for themselves and their family.

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Talia Siddiq

Psychology Writer

I am Talia Siddiq, a qualified MBBS doctor who is currently doing specialization in Psychology. I am a passionate writer who has decided to dedicate my writings for the youth. You may ask why? Well, I always felt concerned about the critical issues faced by the youth as I have been through these issues myself. This blog space will include the most common yet unattended issues faced by the youth such as psychological issues, relationship problems, self-harm, addictions, career counseling, financial freedom, and much more! These are a few major bugs which are plaguing the youth since time immemorial. I think discussions and solutions to these issues are incredibly essential as everyone in their teenage years faces one or more of the problems mentioned above. Moreover, these problems are adversely affecting the social life of the youth. I feel the need to talk about these issues and then address them with appropriate solutions with help of Team Youthtabletalk. I hope that my solutions will help youngsters to solve their issues in the best possible ways. Therefore, there is no need to panic as the team Youthtabletalk is here to support you, back you, and help you get through whatever you are going through.

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