8 Weird things covert narcissists do When Triggered


Imagine you’re hanging out with someone super sweet and caring, and always playing the role of the supportive friend or mate. But behind closed doors, he or she behaves completely different. They may continuously looking for accolades or sympathy, and they also cleverly manipulate situations to appear good, or play the victim card when things are not going their way. Moreover,they also get triggered in speciifc situations.

Beware they are no other than covert narcissists.

Unlike the more overt narcissists who flaunt their grandiosity for all to see, covert narcissists are like stealthy ninjas of self-centeredness. They might not brag about their accomplishments or demand constant attention, but they still crave admiration and validation just as much.

One of the trickiest things about dealing with covert narcissists is that their behavior can be so subtle and insidious that it’s easy to miss .Moreover, they are extremely difficult to deal with when triggered if you are dealing with such a kind of person, then keep reading as we are going to discuss weird things covert narcissist do when triggered.

What Triggers a Covert Narcissists and how they react?

It is not unclear and it is quite difficult to gauge what exactly triggers covert narcissists. However, following are some situations that have the potential to trigger them and they react in some specific way to them:

1.    Make Efforts to Regain Control When ignored

Dealing with individuals who exhibit such traits can be challenging. They may react aggressively, excessively, and disruptively when faced with rejection, potentially causing a scene. Essentially, narcissists despise being disregarded. Their aim may be to provoke feelings of shame, regret, and unease, seeking to maintain control at any cost.

Recognizing that ignoring a narcissist may not deter them initially is important. This reaction is typical for narcissists; they may view everything as a game and persist in their efforts to regain control.

If you’ve attempted to ignore them before, they’re likely to employ the same strategies to regain your attention. Therefore, it’s crucial to remain resolute in your decision and avoid succumbing to weird things covert narcissists do. Mastering the skill of disregarding a narcissist’s apology is advisable.

2.    Covert Narcissists Can’t Bear When criticized

When a narcissist faces criticism, it wounds their exaggerated self-perception. Even constructive or softly delivered criticism can provoke explosive displays of narcissistic rage. The covert narcissist is unable to endure anything perceived as a challenge to their inflated ego and grandiose self-image.

3.    Narcissistic Rage Due to Threats to their Ego

A Narcissistic injury arises when a covert narcissist perceives a threat to their self-esteem or self-worth. Due to their deeply ingrained low self-esteem, they react defensively and with frustration when confronted with their inadequacies. Consequently, the distress caused by the exposure of their false self can trigger narcissistic rage and it is one of the prominent weird things covert narcissists do.

4.    Deflect Blame While Feeling Ashamed

Shame plays a central role in shaping the narcissist’s behavior, yet they strive to conceal, distort, project, and deflect it. If you inadvertently trigger their underlying shame, they will deflect blame onto you, subjecting you to repercussions. Offering compassion proves futile, as you become entangled in a battle not of your making, becoming collateral damage in their emotional warfare.

The severity of the punishment varies depending on the type of narcissist. In this situation, weird things covert  narcissists do includes inflicting slow, profound wounds, and sometimes exhibiting a more immediate, explosive release of negative emotions towards you.

5.    Arrogant Behaviors While Being Around high-status people

Narcissists often do weird things when feel triggered in the presence of individuals with high status. Is the time when their own sense of superiority and entitlement may be threatened, leading to feelings of insecurity and inadequacy. In response, weird things covert  narcissists do includes behaviors such as arrogance, belittling others, or attempting to undermine the high-status individuals to regain a sense of superiority.

6.    Looking for Constant Attention While having less of something

Although narcissists typically project an image of grandiosity and superiority, inwardly, they grapple with feelings of inferiority and insecurity. When they fail to convince others of their perceived superiority, it triggers inadequacy and threatens their fragile self-esteem.

Narcissists depend on external validation to uphold their self-worth. Resisting their manipulation or refusing to validate their self-image challenges their facade, eliciting frustration, disappointment, or anger. Beneath their grandiose exterior, narcissists harbor deep insecurities and fragile self-esteem. They may employ behaviors like belittling others, seeking constant attention, or engaging in power struggles to reinforce their perceived superiority and shield themselves from inferiority.

7.    Feel Jealous When Lose Control

Narcissists may experience jealousy when they sense a loss of control or perceive a threat to their power or superiority. This jealousy can manifest in manipulative, gaslighting, or emotionally abusive behaviors. Recognizing these signs can aid in identifying toxic relationships and taking measures to safeguard oneself.

8.    Narcissistic Rage When Losing control

A narcissist may swiftly erupt in rage when faced with setbacks in their life, career, or relationships. Being denied their desires leads to feelings of both powerlessness and wounded pride. In response, they may unleash their fury either to deflect from the issue at hand or to assert their dominance once more.

Final words

Narcissistic rage primarily stems from the narcissist’s ego, not the actions or feelings of the victim. While it is quite difficult to control weird things covert narcissists do. However, you can easily handle their responses efficiently even when they are triggered. In addition to that, it is also quite crucial to understand various aspects of narcissism such as narcissistic injury and rage, and then learn how to navigate them. Staying firm in prioritizing your own needs and avoiding yielding to manipulation is also important. Finally, keep in mind that replying aggressively is important, but it’s equally crucial to do it carefully and intelligently. If you suspect you’ve faced a narcissistic abuse, getting help from a professional mental health professional is extremely important.

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