5 amazing Oneirogen herbs that induce vivid dreams

People have used vivid dreams throughout the history to explore hidden secrets of their lives. In these situations, they often used various herbs that induce vivid dreams and Oneirogen  is one of them. It is a chemical that intensifies dreamy states of consciousness. The term comes from the Greek words óneiros, which means “dream,” and gen, which means “to create.” It is a state like REM sleep and ranges from realistic to abstract.

Oneirogens may cause effects such as hypnagogia, rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, fugue states, hypnic jerks, lucid dreams, and out-of-body experiences. According to several reports, some oneirogenic substances have little to no impact and don’t start to have an impact until the user enters a natural sleep state. If you are looking for detailed information on Oneirogen herbs that induce vivid dreams, then keep reading as we are going to discuss 5 amazing Oneirogen herbs.


Number of Artemisia genus plant species are known as “mugwort” in which “thujone” is  the primary component. Artemisia produces potent vivid dreams when used as an aromatherapy treatment.

People use tiny cloth bag filled with artemisia essential oil by placing next to them while they sleep. To use it, purchase the dried leaves. Additionally, you may add a few drops  as an infuser and make some tea with the dried leaves (two teaspoons of leaves for 7-10 minutes of infusion).

Wild asparagus root

The wild asparagus root, also referred to as “The Flying Herb,” is included in the list of popularly known herbs that induce dreams.

According to Chinese folk medicine, this particular herb has a good influence on the heart energy and makes it more strong.

Mexican Dream Herb

Calea zacatechichi, also known as Mexican Dream Herb or Bitter-Grass, is a flowering shrub in the Asteraceae family. Central American people cultivate it in Oaxaca, Mexico for long term usage .

Since ancient times, these plants  have been utilized as herbs that induce vivid dreams.These were traditional folk medicine used as a laxative, soothing agent, cleanser, and treatment for diarrhoea, dysentery, fever, skin rashes, swollen glands on the scalp, “cold stomach,” and headache.

In addition to that Chontal people Oaxacaalso use C. zacatechichi  in rituals  . In these rituals, the plant is smoked, drunk as a tea, rubbed topically, or placed beneath a pillow to induce vivid or divinatory dreams.

Synaptolepis kirkii

According to its chemical make-up, Synaptolepis kirkii contains alkaloids like the potent neurotrophic kirkinine. By aiding in the repair and regrowth of the nerve cells, they contribute to the survival of nerve tissue.

It is a large shrub with several branches that has dark blue-green, spear-shaped leaves. Its stem is sturdy and nearly black in color  with porcelain white coating.

There are some traditional uses for uvuma-omhlope, particularly in Africa. There, mix its roots  with a variety of other herbs to create a beverage known as ubulawu. They also use it as an emetic to rid the body of toxins and unproductive body energies, as well as herbs that induce vivid dreams.

Fever Tree

The fever tree is another name for Acacia xanthophloea or Vachellia xanthophloea. The origin of this common name has an ironic twist: malaria is widespread among local residents because the tree thrives in swampy places, which are ideal mosquito breeding grounds. Early European immigrants didnt know  that the local africans use tree’s bark  to treat the illness and believed that the tree actually causes people to get fevers .Europeans also gave it the name “Fever Tree” after that .

xanthophloea has a crown that is open, rounded to spreading or flattish, and sparsely foliated. It can reach heights of up to 25 meters. This stunningly attractive tree is native to Southeast Africa and people grow it as an ornamental plant in warm areas outside of its natural habitat.

Some Precautions to take before using these herbs that induce vivid dreams

Lots of  individuals erroneously believe that using herbs and plants is always safe but it is far from the fact. Some people might find it to be quite useful, while others might find it to be extremely dangerous, especially if they are taking medicines or already suffering from other sleep disorders.

Medical experts advise against regularly using Oneirogen herbs that induce vivid dreams because there are side effects and risks attached with them. For instance, mugwort is a herb that helps improve dream recollection. Most people, however, prefer to burn mugwort in a room and let the aroma encourage dreaming as opposed to drinking this extremely bitter concoction, which is not advised if you have acid reflux.

Certain tribes employed a different Oneirogen known as African dream root to speak with their ancestors. However, people consume it as part of a ceremony,  and vomiting is normal during its usage. Moreover, doctor also advise pregnant mothers not to use this plant.

Bottom Line

Oneirogen herbs that induce vivid dreams are a great way to get better sleep, strengthen your relationship with your dreams, discover new things about yourself and the nature of reality, experience intense psychedelic-like experiences. Use these herbs with some precautions as they are great substitute for the occasionally difficult-to-find and largely illegal psychedelics and entheogens because they are generally entirely lawful to buy and grow.

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