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is valerian root involve in Herbs that INDUCE VIVID DREAMS?

High dosage and persistent intake of valerian boost increase the chances of having detailed dreams. The majority of its users include it in the list of herbs that induce vivid dreams.

Vivid dreams contain detailed experiences, vibrant colors, and complex plots and the dreamers can remember them as if they were actual real-life events. 

Why do VALERIAN ROOT herbs that induce vivid dreams?

Valerie is extracted from the underground stem of Valeriana officials and experts believe it has some essential oils and iridoid-glycoside-containing substances. These substances trigger the stimulation of our brain’s serotonin and opioid receptors making us feel calm. The receptors play a vital role in mediating our visual processing. Retention of these substances in our body beyond a certain limit can result in intensely visualizing dreams. Thus, leading to vivid dreams. Using more than 600 mg of standardized extract of 0.8% valerianic acid for 5 weeks or longer reaches that certain limit, hence induces vivid dreams. 

Also, valerianic acid is supposed to trigger the gamma-aminobutyric acid GABA level of the brain by modulating GABA receptors. GABA is a neurotransmitter that regulates nerve impulses found in our central nervous system. It acts as a sedative chemical, enabling the valerian to promote deeper sleep. As a consequence, one can have rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, where there is the highest activity of the brain during sleep, leading to vivid dreams. 

Besides, valerian taken during other medications also increases the chances of having vivid dreams. 

Valerian can be consumed in different forms. One can have it either as a tea, a liquid extract, capsules, or in the form of tinctures.

As per a research work, D Wheatley claimed that 16% of their insomnia patients when treated with 120 mg valerian for consecutive 6 weeks. Although the percentage is too low, results show that valerian can be a cause of vivid dreams. But further research is required in this regard.


Overdosage and persistent intake of valerian root extract can induce vivid dreams due to the presence of iridoid complexes and valerianic acid. Moreover, some people also experience side effects while using herbs that induce vivid dreams. Heart palpitations have occasionally been reported as a side effect of using or stopping valerian root. Some users claim that after using it, their bowel movements increased. It makes sense that valerian has been used to treat digestive issues like constipation for generations in Europe.

Nevertheless, these laxative effects may result in unfavorable symptoms including diarrhea or a stomach ache.

According to the 28-day research, an increase in diarrhea was reported by 18% of valerian root users, compared to only 8% of those who took a placebo throughout the, which had 391 participants receiving various medicines for sleep treatment. After consuming the herb, some people also say their headaches and mental clarity have worsened.

Most of these negative effects appear to result from using this plant frequently or at large doses. However, additional headaches as well as other brain-related problems including irritability and unease may also be symptoms. Whenever, anyone experiences these side effects, he or she must immediately consult a doctor.

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