Narcissistic abuse survivors and their 3 common dreams

Narcissistic abuse survivors are brave people who have the courage to live their lives after facing severe psychological abuse from narcissists. Healing from the wounds of emotional and physical abuse is a long and complicated process. During this process they go through different stages and they see different types of dreams.

The dreams of Narcissistic survivor make you wonder about their behavior. They frequently see following types of common dreams:

 Narcissistic abuse survivors have chase dreams

Narcissist abuse survivors hesitantly describe feelings of their nightmare. In their minds, they either run away from wild animals or ill-intentioned people. Dreamer feels as if someone is trying to murder them. In chasing dreams, survivors see mysterious creatures__mere an unknown entity chases them and attempts to hurt them. Indeed, their minds offer a crazy dream scene.

Surveying some Narcissist survivors, specialists found that most people observed that their narcissist partner tried to harm them. Four out of ten said, “We saw a monster with a sword who wanted to kill me. Despite the monster’s strength I managed to kill him”. Every survivor faces this problem because these sorts of dreams depend upon psychic energy and personal experience.

The majority of survivors observed a homicide or accident. They most often dream of terrible and insane actions. Chasing dreams postulates that recovered narcissists see the world as an unfair, unsafe place where most people are mistrusted or feared.

Narcissistic abuse survivors may dream that their ex is still with them

People who have recovered from narcissistic behavior often have disturbing nightmares about their past partner. During sleep, they become stressed and start yelling. When they wake, fantasist limbs tremble. It seemed like all he/she dreamed of was being abandoned and disrespected by his ex-partner. Occasionally, they harbor intrusive thoughts about their ex. In which they spend sweet and sometimes terrific time with them.

This problem does not affect every survivor because such dreams are based on your intuition.

Narcissistic Abuse Survivors dream about a premonition

Some Narcissistic survivors claim that they can see the future happening in their dreams. Most people would think this is crazy, but there are lots of unseen things in this universe. Recovered narcissists mostly have premonitions in isolation.

Abuse survivor forewarn about some unpleasant event. Survivors foretell the victims what will be going to happen to them. Premonition sounds ridiculous but, some narcissist survivors possess this divine trait. Often, a premonition is signs of impending doom, such as war, death of family members, or mishaps in one’s own life or a family member’s life.

Science rejects the hypothesis of foretelling. Scientists don’t often accept these claims as they doubt credibility of premonition. Still, many local witnesses reported some people who dreamt of future disastrous that happened actually!

Bottom Line

Narcissistic behavior is common everywhere. Many people survive it, but some still struggling with it. The abuser and the survivor of narcissistic traits develop some unusual characteristics that have a profound impact on their lives. There is the number of counseling centers which help people to fight against narcissism behavior.

Do let us know your thoughts if your dear one is coping with such behavior and obsessed with his/her strange dreams.

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