Unexpected Uses of Narcissistic Behaviors

Narcissistic Behaviour

A narcissist is a person who has a sense of superiority, internalized psychological complexes that make him behave in a way that seems ignorant, rude, or blunt. Narcissists tend to steal the show and like to be the center of attention .They believe they are better than anybody they know in one way or another.


In our routine lives, we might know someone who shows signs of narcissism. It might be someone from your family, friends or maybe you’re the one who is reflecting narcissistic behavior. It can indeed be quite a task to deal with it –it’s exhausting and discouraging. But we have got you! While you should try to tame yourself a little, be easy on yourself because there might be situations where you can use your narcissism to your benefit.


Just like any other story, this personality trait has downsides but it comes with a few upsides as well. There are always two ways to look at things. There are certain characteristics specific to a narcissist which are relatively useful in some scenarios.

Some of the narcissistic behaviors include:


Healthier Adulting


Let’s accept the fact that growing up is hard. Humans go through various stages of growth to become the adults that we are today. According to Erickson’s psychosocial theory, between the ages of three to five years, a child learns initiative and guilt. Initiative trait makes them take the lead, choose what they want, be confident about it compared to the other kids. On the other hand, excessive guilt installation can make them introverted and shameful for no good reason. A perfect balance between these two can be quite rewarding afterward. If a child inclines more toward the initiative behavior, which is also a narcissistic trait, it is going to help him grow into someone who takes the lead. A narcissist likes to own the crown. They like to be in dominance and take the lead. This behavior can be quite useful when it comes to certain situations. A person with the conviction of taking the lead, making the first move, willing to hold onto bigger opportunities, persuading people to agree with them can win at so many areas of life –be it in-home or their professional lives.


Self Love and Narcissistic Behaviour


So basically, the term narcissism is derived from the Greek mythological character, Narcissus. Narcissus fell in love with his image in a spring. Since 1900, many writers and poets have used the concept for their tales and poems. Havelock Elvis was the first psychologist who recognized and used the term “narcissist” for one of his patients when he observed excessive self-love, to the point of selfishness in him.


Although selfishness is a bitter and unlikable trait –self-love has its perks. With the right dose of self-love, a person can lead a positive life. It helps a person let go of that deep-rooted self-doubt that hinders their capability to excel. Self-love allows a person to find their true meaning. Self-love is often confused with narcissistic behavior. You know how they say, if you want someone to love you, you have got to do that first. Healthy self-esteem is something we all could use. Someone who doesn’t value himself is not valued by anybody else either. It always feels nice to treat yourself a little, reward yourself for little tasks you do, have some of that “me time”. When rocks are thrown upon you, when it gets hard, self-love helps you get through. But make sure to find the perfect balance between self-love and self-obsession.


 Confidence and Success


 A Narcissist tends to be much confident about themselves, their skills, their talents. They have this inner belief that they are better than anybody else. Now that attitude can be quite beneficial in certain scenarios. You know how you have an interview or an exam, and you look around at all these people who are competing against you and it gives you the chills? Well for someone who “knows” they are better than anybody, it’s no problem. Put hundreds of people in the line and they still have faith in their abilities. It lets them stay confident. This kind of attitude is quite essential when it comes to business, school, or any other profession. Narcissistic people are excellent at leadership. They know how to make people follow them. To win the race of life, you need confidence. Narcissists, being self-obsessed, are naturally confident in such situations. Their belief in their abilities allows them to stand out in the crowd. They are bold and self-assured. They do not seek validation from external sources. Their inner voice, the ego, is always satisfying their mind. So is it not better to have a little confidence in yourself than not having confidence at all?


Pitch relationships


When it comes to socializing and being fluent at initiating and holding a conversation, narcissists can be quite a tiger. Due to their need for attention, overt narcissists are incredibly good with their social manners. This ability enables them to pitch their public and private relations in a way that wins them a crowd. Narcissists are quite a social animal.


According to the SPIN model, narcissists climb the ladder of social hierarchy to “be known” by as many people as possible. They go out of their way to show off their talent and ideologies. This fuels them to make as many acquaintances as possible even if it’s for attaining that higher social status. So at the end of the day, this trait proves quite useful to them.


However, if this behavior exceeds a toxic level, narcissists can come off as manipulative and can eventually affect their relationships. But if they learn to use it wisely, they can get all the benefits to foster healthier relationships -even in their professional lives.


Overall Health and Appearance


We know that narcissists like to be praised. They want to be the best. They want to be known and seen. Narcissism makes them give extra attention and put the necessary effort into their appearance. This can mean staying physically fit, having a consistent workout routine, healthy eating habits, investing in decent clothes, and staying updated with fashion and styling. All of it is for elevating their self-esteem and looking good in front of others. Research done in 2008 by National Science Foundation concluded that physical appearances can and do reflect whether someone is a narcissist or not. Their need to seek attention enables them to go out of their way and beautify their looks.


Eating healthy and maintaining a proper diet is essential when you want to take care of your body. Instead of filling your stomach with junk food, developing healthier eating habits can be quite beneficial for your body and protecting it from many diseases. A lot of times, illness and its symptoms are a way of our body telling us that we need to change what we are feeding it. Narcissists with the fitness obsession are actually at a benefit here. They have better physical health and body strength.

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