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5 Weird Things Covert Narcissists Do After Getting Exposed

Exposing a covert narcissist is like throwing yourself into a hungry lion’s den on purpose. A covert narcissist feels as if you have snatched away a security blanket from them. That security blanket is their FAKE MASK. This can scare the covert narcissist to the core and you will notice weird things covert narcissists do when they get exposed. You may feel that exposing them is the righteous thing that you are doing but it can turn out to be extremely dangerous for you.

The covert narcissist may see this exposure as a threat or “Narcissistic Injury” and I will briefly walk you through the weird things covert narcissists do as you attempt to take off their mask.

Things covert narcissists do to save themselves

Avoidance of Taking Responsibility

A weird thing Covert Narcissists do is that they never admit what they did was wrong. They will act as if everything is fine and nothing has changed. This behavior makes you feel uncomfortable and doubtful as if you may be wrong instead of the covert narcissist. For example, they will not respond to your text messages or call you back. Upon asking, they will say they were busy with their work or hitting the gym, etc. Precisely, they will pretend that they did not do anything wrong or everything is alright. It automatically makes you think that it might all be in your head and that they may be innocent.

Playing Victim Card

A covert narcissist will do everything but will never admit to their mistake. They will always blame you for the fight, for the argument, and even for their wrong behavior. Or if by any chance they do admit their mistake, they will blame it on you. Let me explain. If you don’t like the excessive mingling of your boyfriend with female friends, he will hide it from you and later blame it on you. He would say something like “I didn’t tell you that I was meeting Tiffani for lunch because I knew you would get angry”.

Straight up denial

This is one of the weirdest things covert narcissists do when they are exposed. Can you guess? A covert narcissist will straight-up deny the truth even if it is right there in front of everyone. They will lie, make up fake stories and go to any lengths to cover up their tracks. They would rather accuse you of not being able to see things the way they do! Imagine. Even if you talk with proof, they will deny that as well. If for example, you catch your narcissistic boyfriend red-handed texting with another woman, he will say that he was just being nice to her. Can you believe this? No, right? But that is how weird a covert narcissist can be.


Acting indifferent

Here comes another weird thing covert narcissists do when their truth gets revealed. They will act as if they don’t care. They may say something like “I don’t care about the situation anyways” or they will simply act surprised as if they didn’t see this coming. If you are mad at them, or you are not talking to them, they will simply not show any care. They will never apologize or even bother to ask if you were doing okay. They will carry out their daily tasks casually.

Narcissistic Rage

Narcissistic Injury can result in an explosion. When you confront a covert narcissist, they can act like a wild dog on a leash. They may begin to threaten you, abuse you mentally or physically, and display emotional hostility. They can go to any extent to hurt your self-esteem and dignity. They will trash talk about you to your family, spread rumors and lies about you to your friends, and even tell fake stories to everyone depicting you as a culprit instead of them. They may try to convince others that you are a cheater, a fraud, or a manipulator.


Exposing a covert narcissist can be an extremely exhausting process. They will stoop as low as possible to prove themselves innocent. Their charming and persuasive personality can easily fool people around you. They are a pro at getting dirt on the ones who try to pick up a fight against them.

My piece of advice to you will be to simply break free from a toxic relationship and focus on your truth. Don’t give a damn about the weird things covert narcissists do and just walk away when you think you have had enough.



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