Covert Narcissist

5 Weird things Covert Narcissists do that would make you go crazy!

When you think of a narcissist, you may envision someone who is grandiose, attention-seeking, and arrogant, which is known as covert narcissism. There is, however, another, less obvious type of narcissism: covert narcissism. These narcissists may exhibit fewer outward symptoms of the disorder, making them more difficult to identify, but they still have an excessive need for attention and admiration, as well as a general lack of empathy for others.

Covert narcissists, also known as vulnerable narcissists, are emotionally fragile and sensitive to even minor perceived criticism. They appear stressed and concerned about a variety of issues such as appearing shy, reserved, and self-deprecating in interpersonal relationships. Moreover, they will constantly compare and judge themselves in terms of happiness, possessions, and relationships against what other people have.

Let’s us discuss in detail to understand them well. Here are some weird things covert narcissists do to annoy others.


covert narcissism
People suffering from covert narcissism spend more time thinking about their capabilities and achievements. They might also have attitude.

Covert Narcissists want Everyone to agree with them

Narcissists believe that everyone thinks the same way they do and will agree on what is right and wrong. This is referred to as “one-mindedness” by therapists and included in the list of weird things covert narcissists do. Narcissists, like very young children, cannot see the situation from any perspective other than their own. There is only one correct way of thinking in their opinion. They are unable to comprehend the concept of two equally valid but opposing perspectives on any given situation. If you present a different point of view, narcissists will react as if you are criticizing

them and will become enraged with you rather than reconsider their own behavior.

Covert Narcissists consider themselves Higher Status people that can do anything

 Narcissists also believe that those with higher status have the right to do and say whatever they want to those with lower status.

For instance: Narcissistic mother and her friends assume they had the right to comment on other people’s appearance (One-Mindedness), had no ability to understand how hurtful they were being or even care that others feeling so uncomfortable by their behavior  . They were also unconcerned about hurting the feelings of anyone they regarded as lower in status than them. Fat women are automatically inferior to them in their eyes .


Valuing others over family members

Covert narcissists always value others over their own family as they are constantly on the lookout for the next new person to idealize as a source of validation and status, while undervaluing those close to them because reality disappoints.

Covert Narcissists love Conspiracy theories

Conspiracy theories are alternative explanations that attribute the true cause of a major sociopolitical event to secret and malevolent plots orchestrated by ostensibly powerful individuals or groups (e.g., the Jews, government, corporations, wealthy elites).

Many conspiracy theories exist, including those concerning vaccinations, moon landings, climate change, the 9/11 attacks, and JFK’s assassination.

Narcissists frequently believe that others are “out to get them and that is included in the list of weird things covert narcissists do . Perhaps it is these paranoid perceptions of personal threats that give rise to beliefs about conspiracies and societal threats.

The desire for control and dominance, combined with the fear of defeat, is also linked to the belief in conspiracies.

After all, for people who crave power and dominance, blaming and scapegoating others is easier than accepting defeat.

The desire for individuality, which is typically associated with the agentic extraversion aspect of grandiose narcissism, may also increase the likelihood of believing in conspiracies. Why? Because seeing through the “smoke screens that hide the incredible truth” may provide narcissists with a “sense of being special, of being one of the few”

Interrupt Conversation

The tendency to constantly interrupt is one of the weird things covert narcissists do. They always interrupt when you are speaking and is a clear sign of a narcissist communicator. This is done to either cut you off in order to refocus and control your attention, or to correct, judge, minimize, and/or invalidate what you’re saying. The narcissist communicator reinforces her or his false sense of conceit and entitlement by frequently interrupting.

Because narcissists are primarily concerned with themselves, many of them are notoriously poor listeners. The aforementioned traits of hoarding time, monopolising topics, and being rude with interruptions are all signs of poor listening. Significantly, narcissistic communicators frequently fail to acknowledge or validate what the other person has said, even when the information shared is important, personal, and/or vulnerable. There is little or no regard for who you are as a human being. This striking lack of social connection frequently explains why many narcissists have few genuinely healthy and loving close relationships.

Show False Superiority Complex

One of the  weird things covert narcissists do also includes their habit of showing false superiority complex, whether it is extroverted (arrogant conceit) or introverted (quiet smugness). Because narcissism is frequently a desperate attempt to mask inner inadequacy some narcissists cannot feel good about themselves unless they put others down. To this extent, the narcissist may feel pathologically compelled to judge, belittle, minimise, mock, and/or discriminate. Many narcissists feel insignificant because they do not target victims to be their “inferiors.”

Bottom Line

According to Psychological experts, covert and overt narcissists may have different levels of self-awareness. According to Reiss, people with overt narcissism may lack awareness or insight into their behaviour, whereas those with covert narcissism may be capable of empathy and conscience, albeit for a limited time. If weird things covert narcissists do causes anxiety, depression, misplaced guilt, or a loss of self-esteem, it means they’re hitting your weak.

If you’re having trouble dealing with weird things covert narcissists do, or if you suspect you might be one, it’s a good idea to seek professional help. As, working with a mental health professional can help you learn more about the disorder and how to set boundaries in relationships. The good news is that narcissistic personality disorders are treatable conditions that can be improved. The key is to concentrate on what you have control over.

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