Grief Counselling

Top 5 places offering free grief counseling!

Grief counseling:

Grief is overwhelming on all fronts and can leave you feeling drained. When you’ve experienced the loss of a loved one or another type of significant loss, you may want to talk with others to release some of that heaviness. Your circle of support may also be grieving along with you, and may not be available to provide emotional support.

That is why grief counseling gives you an outlet to let out your grief and sad feelings because it is necessary to speak about the loss instead of piling it inside. Grief is an inevitable part of life, it may be too much to handle for someone or can be less.

It depends upon the willpower of someone who’s gone through a loss. Mostly, people do talk their hearts out about their grief with a close family member or a friend. In case of unavailability, free grief counseling is now easily accessible at different places. Counseling can be expensive unless you have insurance, but below are some of the ways to help you find free grief counseling within your community or online. 

Purpose of grief counseling is to help people navigate this complex process and learn how to grieve in a healthy way.

Free grief counseling:

There is no set of measurements for how long grief lasts. You can experience symptoms of normal grief for several weeks up to a few months, or perhaps it may last up to a year. If left untreated due to any reason, complicated grief can develop which can last even longer. Most people do not push themselves for counseling knowing that it is necessary, because of unaffordability.  There are resources available within some communities that can help you obtain free grief counseling.

  • Hospice Foundation:

Hospice care focuses on the palliation of a terminally ill patient’s pain and understanding their emotional and spiritual needs at the end of life. Hospice foundation prioritizes life by reducing pain and suffering.  In the United States of America, hospice care is a type and philosophy of end-of-life care and emergency services are available 24 hours a day.

You and your loved ones may be eligible to receive free grief counseling as part of the services that hospice provides. Along with palliative care providers, they refer you proper resources to get you the care that you need such as,

  1. Trained social workers
  2. Free grief counseling services to prepare you for the end of life
  3. Advices to mend your broken relationships
  4. Bereavement services

In USA, people who are not insured are eligible for free or reduced rate of hospice services. Some of the popularly known hospice foundations are, United Hospice, Unique Hospice and Palliative Care, Olympia Hospice Care, Suncrest Home Health and Hospice etc.

  • Hospitals:

Hospitals can also provide the services of volunteer chaplains and other counselors that offer support to those experiencing loss and grief. The counseling services a hospital provides may include:

  1. Individual or group free counseling services
  2. Educational and support services

It may be challenging to obtain grief support within hospital premises because you only spend a limited time there, either being a patient or an attendee. The type of losses that hospitals counselors are trained to deal with include bereavement and mourning from the death of a loved one. They may also help with ambiguous loss issues occurring when a person is still alive but physically impaired, such as when in a coma.

  • Online resources:

If you are looking to meet an in-person support group, try searching online for ‘free grief counseling services’ or ‘free grief support group’. You will come across few websites that are designed to specifically deal with bereaved patients. Most of us are in dire need of counseling, but the fear of ‘what will society think’ stops us from going physically for counseling. Therefore, online resources helps to obtain 24 hour free grief counseling services. You may find different type of counselors for different grief, it is better to search specifically for your type of loss to find the correct counselor. Some of the running websites are,

  • Colleges and Universities;

Community resources may be your first option to look at, which include publicly-funded colleges and universities. Two different approaches to obtain care through these institutions are receiving care as a student or serving as a grief volunteer helping mental students with their continuing education and training. Colleges and Universities may provide many free grief counseling services such as,

  1. Individual counseling
  2. Group counseling
  3. Workshops
  4. Seminars
  5. Individual assessments   

Churches and places of worship:

Churches, temples, mosques or any other place of worship can give low cost or free grief counseling services to its community members. They are usually volunteer counselors who help their brothers to get over their grief through spiritual ways. Sermons led by religious leaders is another way of counseling for those who are hopeless. 


Experiencing loss or grief is a common issue faced by youngsters, teenagers and adults. Getting over grief may take less or plenty of time depending upon the amount and type of grief. Very few people agree for grief counseling due to financial issues or any other reasons. Therefore, free grief counseling services are readily available on different platforms which are giving awareness and free support to bereaved people. Before grief turns into a massive depressed condition, try choosing your convenient medium of free grief counseling service and live whole heartedly!

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