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12 destructive Things Covert Narcissists Say in Guise of Advice

  Trying to maintain relationships with people who have covert narcissistic tendencies is like trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube or being blindfolded while riding a unicycle on a tightrope. They may appear helpful, but don’t be fooled! These tricks are all about control, sympathy-seeking, and maintaining their oh-so-special status. From gaslighting to backhanded compliments, […]

Covert Narcissists Say

False Modesty: 11 Self-Deprecating Things Covert Narcissists Say

    Have you ever met someone who seemed to be an expert in downplaying their accomplishments? When a person appears modest or plays down their strengths or accomplishments, they engage in false modesty. You know, the type of person who always attempts to bolster their ego by making self-deprecating comments? The dynamic is fascinating. […]

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9 things covert narcissists say to poison your mind

If someone close to you has ever left you feeling emotionally exhausted, manipulated, and torn apart by their words and actions, you may be interacting with a covert narcissist. Imagine having a normal conversation with someone who initially seems compassionate and understanding but who leaves you feeling confused and emotionally drained as you spend more […]


7 Subtle Ego Boosting Things Covert Narcissists say

        Ever come across a mastermind who could effortlessly pull your emotional strings like a puppet master, leaving you helplessly craving their validation? Well, these people are none other than covert narcissists. These cunning people may look innocent but are indeed wicked enough to satisfy their egos. One study has found that […]

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7 things covert narcissists say when feeling threatened

The actions of a covert narcissist primarily revolve around manipulation. They consistently manipulate individuals, whether they are spouses, friends, relatives, or co-workers, to satisfy their ego and replenish their sense of self-importance. While some people can easily recognize their manipulative tactics, unfortunately, many others become entangled in their cycle of abuse. If you are also […]

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5 Things Covert Narcissists Say while Gas Lighting

Gaslighting is included in the list of weird things covert narcissists do to impart confusion and doubts in their victims. The main objective of this technique is to exercise power and control over the affected individual by mixing reality with imagination. It is a very clever tactic to create doubts in another’s person own judgment. […]

Covert Narcissists

6 Interesting Things covert narcissists say to devalue you

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where, after a conversation with a customer, boss, partner, employee, or family member, you realized that somehow you were convinced to agree to something you initially didn’t want to do? Or perhaps you were persuaded to take responsibility for something that wasn’t your fault? The other person […]


5 Things Covert narcissists say while discarding Partners

Unlike the flashy and attention-seeking ones, these folks operate undercover. They’re like undercover agents of self-importance, putting on a facade of innocence and humility. But once you’re behind closed doors, their true colours emerge, and they become masters of manipulation. They thrive on guilt-tripping you, playing the victim, and sowing seeds of doubt in your […]


15 Manipulative Things Covert Narcissists Say in an Argument

While studying Narcissism, I discovered the root cause of Narcissism lies in an individual’s disturbed childhood and poor upbringing. A covert narcissist either received too much criticism or too much attention while growing up. Probably that is why they grew up feeling that the world is selfish and that they need to hunt others down […]

things covert narcissists say

13 Ridiculous Things Covert Narcissists Say In An Argument

  All of us know very well that there is one thing that covert narcissists love more than themselves, and that is an ARGUMENT! Their souls thrive on winning an argument by any means, and it gives them an ego boost and prevents their fragile ego from collapsing. There is a wide range of ridiculous […]

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5 Solutions To Forget Toxic Things Covert Narcissists Say After Breakup

Enduring narcissistic abuse is not a piece of cake, and forgetting toxic things Covert Narcissists say is even worse. If you were genuinely invested in your relationship with a narcissistic partner, breaking up would be the most challenging step. When you desperately want to save your relationship and genuinely love a person, even if they […]

things covert narcissists say

5 Tested Tips To Handle Bitter Things Covert Narcissists Say?

It’s not easy to tackle bitter things Covert Narcissists say because they keep hovering in your mind for hours and even days. Since I have personally experienced the abuse of a narcissist, I know how stressful and toxic it can be. Being around a Covert Narcissist at home or the workplace is unbearable. Once things […]

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