7 Subtle Ego Boosting Things Covert Narcissists say


Ever come across a mastermind who could effortlessly pull your emotional strings like a puppet master, leaving you helplessly craving their validation? Well, these people are none other than covert narcissists. These cunning people may look innocent but are indeed wicked enough to satisfy their egos. One study has found that such individuals have lived with parents who cared only about achievements. Hence, this sense of grandiosity provokes satisfaction of ego among narcissists. In this way, things covert narcissists say can demotivate and devalue others because these ruthless narcissists only care about themselves.

So, if you are also dealing with an emotionless person who can do anything to satisfy his ego then now is the right time to focus on his red flags. Here are the 7 things covert narcissists say to enjoy a high sense of ego which can certainly ruin the emotional wellbeing of the people who live with such manipulative individuals. Thus, let’s find our more!

1. I noticed that people always imitate my ideas

An exemplary cinematic illustration that effectively describes the general exploration of individuals imitating another’s ideas, while simultaneously diving into the universe of covert narcissism, can be found in the critically acclaimed film “Black Swan”.

In the film “Black Swan,” we are introduced to the central character, Nina Sayers, portrayed by the esteemed actress Natalie Portman who is a covert narcissist. Nina, a practitioner of the art of ballet believes in one of the ego boasting things covert narcissists say and exhibits a propensity for perfectionism. However, her psychological well-being is hindered by an absence of self-assurance and a delicate self-concept, both of which can be attributed to the pervasive influence exerted by her mother as well as the fiercely competitive environment within the field of ballet. The covert narcissistic tendencies of Nina gradually emerge themselves as her focus on Lily intensifies. Nina begins to perceive that Lily is engaging in the act of replicating her ideas and attempting to divert attention from her own self.

2.I did not say that you are just lying!

Covert narcissists use gaslighting  to induce doubt in an individual’s opinions, memory, and mental stability. In such a type of scenario, things covert narcissists say include, “I did not say that you are just lying.” The covert narcissist gains authority over how you feel and what you think by inducing doubt regarding the events or statements. Persistent denial as well as invalidation can lead to confusion, anxiety, and emotional dependence on the narcissist for assistance.

3. You can’t handle this situation without me!

In the television series “You,” the character of Joe Goldberg serves as a prime example of exhibiting covert narcissistic tendencies through his consistent manipulation of his romantic partners, leading them to believe that their well-being is reliant upon his guidance in navigating life’s challenges. When he utters one of the things covert narcissists say that is, “You can’t handle this situation without me,” it becomes evident that he is employing a manipulative strategy with the intention of enhancing his own ego and exerting dominance over the cognitive processes and behaviours of his partners.

Hence, it is not uncommon for covert narcissists to assume the role of saviours or guardians within their intimate relationships. Through the strategic positioning of himself as the person capable of effectively addressing and resolving the various obstacles faced by others, Joe perpetuates and strengthens his saviour complex. This, in turn, contributes to the enhancement of his self-perception as a vital hero within their lives.

4. I don’t think your friends are trustworthy, they are fake!

Covert narcissists use specific statements to weaken your relationships with friends and family, aiming to exert control and isolate you from potential sources of support. Through this process, narcissists eliminate your shields, foster a sense of dependency on their presence, and jeopardize your sense of self-worth by satisfying their own ego. Such things covert narcissists say to instil suspicion regarding the intentions of people who genuinely care for you, resulting in a diminished trust in your support network, feelings of isolation, and an increased reliance on the egocentric narcissist for emotional assistance and validation.

5. I am always the one who tries to solve all the problems in my group

A potential indication of covert narcissism could be observed in a person’s statement, where they express a consistent role as the sole problem solver within their social circle. To enhance their self-esteem and present themselves as irreplaceable, covert narcissists boast their ego.  We can take the example of character named Dr. Gregory House in the television series “House” for understanding this.

Dr. House is depicted as a highly intelligent and skilled medical professional who possesses unconventional methods and approaches in his practice. This implies that Gregory House holds a position of leadership and is responsible for overseeing a group of medical professionals specializing in diagnosis. The team’s primary objective is to solve complex as well as rare medical cases, indicating that they are best at tackling challenging and uncommon health conditions. House frequently portrays himself as the sole individual possessing the ability to accurately diagnose and resolve the medical issues faced by patients. He believes that his team can’t solve any issue without him and that is why he is a firm believer of one of the things covert narcissists say.

6.You’re so lucky to have me in your life

“You’re so lucky to have me in your life,” said by a covert narcissist like Miranda Priestly’s character in “The Devil Wears Prada,” is a great way to boost one’s ego. Covert narcissists, exemplified by individuals like Miranda, rely on the utilization of backhanded compliments to establish their perceived superiority, all the while deliberately weakening and belittling their chosen targets, like her dedicated assistant, Andy. Gaslighting, a manipulation tactic frequently employed by individuals with covert narcissistic tendencies, serves to deliberately distort the reality as well as perceptions of their intended targets. In this scenario, Miranda engages in the act of gaslighting towards Andy by cleverly providing a backhanded compliment as a means of expressing gratitude. This depicts that such things covert narcissists say only to enhance their ego.

7.People love to gravitate towards me; I am great

One cinematic masterpiece that perfectly exemplifies the deep statement “People love to gravitate towards me; I am great” as portrayed by a character exhibiting covert narcissistic tendencies can be none other than the critically acclaimed film “The Talented Mr. Ripley”. The lead role played by Matt Damon is a person who satisfies his ego by trying to show others that he is great and can easily make other people gravitate towards him. He effectively uses his interpersonal abilities to fabricate a deceptive image of exceptionalism. Besides, he projects an image of sophistication and skill, which convinces others that he possesses qualities that make him desirable to be around. Such things covert narcissists say form a fake narrative of being influential in their social circle just like Mr. Ripley in this movie.

Final Words

In a nutshell, the examples of things covert narcissists say given above showcase the sneaky actions executed by people with a knack for covert narcissism. They have quite a talent for fostering dependency and boosting their egos while leaving a trail of emotional turmoil.

Knowing how to spot these sneaky tactics is key to protecting yourself from becoming a puppet in the emotional manipulation puppet show. By figuring out the complex tapestry of gaslighting, guilt-tripping, as well as invalidation, people can fortify their boundaries, cultivate relationships that are healthy and shield their self-esteem like a knight in shining armour. Besides you can also read more informative articles on narcissists and their weirdest habits by clicking here!

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