Female covert narcissists

5 Attention Seeking Habits of Female Covert Narcissist

Have you ever wondered how difficult it can be to deal with a narcissist person? Since a narcissist lives in a bubble where all they need is attention and praise, they can make the lives of other people a living hell. Narcissism tends to affect people in their teens and continues to leave its effects till adulthood. When a teenage female covert narcissist stands out in a room, she brings along their own personal bulldozer to flatten any pesky boundaries and proudly display her deluxe package of entitlement.

While many proudly flaunt their arrogance, there are those sly people who stoop to low levels to gain attention and these introverts depict the true nature of covert narcissism. Well, these are just some of the weird things covert narcissists do that make them masters of passive aggression with a vengeful spirit. Such types of acts can be disturbing for the female covert narcissists as well other than the people they are affecting mentally.

As a female psychologist, I have personally met with some female covert narcissists who were possessing a remarkable talent for being exquisitely sensitive to criticism, struggling to fit in, and even resorting to self-deprecation just to grab a smidgen of attention from others. However, these weird things covert narcissists do to achieve satisfaction even if it takes a toll on their mental health. However, if you are not familiar with such behaving patterns of females then now is the right time to explore these 5 attention seeking habits of female covert narcissists that affects them and their relationships!

Stirring up drama for fun

Female covert narcissists truly have a knack for using triangulation as their little tool of mischief, pitting friends against each other like chess pieces on a board. It’s like they have a PhD in stirring up drama for their own personal gain.By skillfully sowing the seeds of discord and rivalry among friends, the covert narcissist cunningly guarantees that everyone remains in a perpetual state of unease, making them too hesitant to dare to question or confront their delightfully toxic antics.

Such weird things covert narcissists do to have unlimited dominance in the social circle and this is also something that I have experienced in reality. One of my clients belonging to an influential family told me that she loves to create drama in her life by making her two friends fight with each other. To put it in other words, she was telling each one of them false stories which made her friends hate each other. My client also mentioned that her friends didn’t bother to clear the air since they only believed her. Thus, creating misunderstandings is the favorite job of female covert narcissists.

The above and beyond efforts are fake

Covert narcissism frequently takes the fake form of altruism, a selfless concern for the well-being of others. It is crucial to note that this statement is not merely a casual remark extracted from the lyrics of Taylor Swift’s composition titled “Anti-Hero.” One of the weird things covert narcissists do is getting into altruistic behaviors, such as performing acts of charity, dedicating their time and financial resources to support causes they hold dear, it can be regarded as a commendable effort.

When one contemplates the underlying motivation driving a covert narcissist’s engagement in acts of service, it becomes apparent that the covert narcissist may be motivated by the desire for recognition, compliments, or one’s own success.

Gaslighting to lighten up their existence

Gaslighting, a frequently employed strategy utilized by female covert narcissists, serves as a means to assert dominance over the emotional and perceptual capabilities of their unfortunate victims. By employing nuanced manipulation techniques and selectively distorting facts, these female narcissists lead towards a state of uncertainty within their victims, leading them to question their mental stability and the accuracy of their own perceptions. Thus, this is one of the weird things covert narcissists do to lighten up their existence. In an environment characterized by interpersonal hostility and social manipulation, the female covert narcissist employs the insidious tactic of gaslighting to erode the self-assurance of her targets, instilling in them a sense of uncertainty regarding their intrinsic values.

Besides, the phenomenon of emotional manipulation serves to fortify the female covert narcissist’s dominion and authority, thereby developing a sense of vulnerability and solitude among those who are subjected to the insidious practice of gaslighting.

They love playing the victim card

Female covert narcissists possess a remarkable ability to skillfully integrate themselves into the position of the suffering party. Through the strategic portrayal of themselves as the blameless victim, individuals have the ability to captivate others within the complex tapestry of their emotions, thereby establishing a network of sympathizers who are deeply inclined to provide relief and affirmation. Thus, it is one of the weird things covert narcissists do to gain attention because in reality they are not really suffering.

The self-victimization of the covert narcissist has a pivotal role in shaping their identity, thereby developing a perpetual craving for validation as well as attention. The capacity to smartly hide one’s genuine intentions causes this tendency for seeking attention particularly perplexing and challenging to find out. However, most of the people usually fail to identify such clever female covert narcissists because of their fake narratives.

They like financial disasters

Severe female covert narcissists have a knack for turning their financial situation into a disaster. With their impulsive behavior and reckless spending, they truly know how to make money disappear faster than a magician’s trick. And let’s not forget their unwavering belief that the world owes them a lavish lifestyle on a silver platter that is by the way one of the weird things covert narcissists do. Oh, the grandiose delusions and entitlement they possess! It’s no wonder they find themselves splurging and conveniently forgetting about their financial obligations.

Final Words

Female covert narcissists’ attention-seeking habits and manipulation might be perplexing. Although there are so many weird things covert narcissists do to obtain power and attention. However, some of them include gaslighting victims, faking compassion, and creating drama to cause chaos. Remember that these behaviors harm narcissists as well as others. The reason is that their persistent desire for attention and affirmation may cause emotional instability, self-pitying and a pursuit of adoration at the price of their mental health. So, just in case if you see somebody in your circle having these toxic habits then now is the right time to stay alert. Besides, if you want to know more about covert narcissists then click here to see what else they do to cause chaos!



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