5 quick tips for ignoring weird things covert narcissists do?

Dealing covert narcissist is quite challenging .Therefore, it is critical that you understand how to spot and deal with them . You should develop capabilities to recognize weird things covert narcissists do.  After all, you deserve respect and wholesome relationships.Ignoring  narcissists is an effective strategy that frequently calls for perseverance and commitment. So consider your motivations before making this choice. Do you intend to exact revenge? Do you intend to annoy them? Do you expect a sincere apology? Do you genuinely believe that you can solve issues by ignoring weird things covert narcissists do?

After deciding about all these things ,you can apply ignoring techniques on covert narcissists. If you are still confused ,then keep reading on as we will discuss 5 quick tips to ignore weird things covert narcissists do.

Set clear boundaries with them

It’s acceptable to be in relationships or  friendships with covert narcissists as they also deserve to be loved. However, you still have to establish your boundaries though. Think about how you feel and what you need to be happy and healthy, then express those requirements to others.

This can entail restricting the amount of time you can spend comforting or assisting them, or it might entail keeping your narcissistic coworker as just a work pal.

Set explicit boundaries like, “Please don’t call me after 6 p.m.; I have family I need to spend time with after work,” or “I don’t like it when you curse at me.”

Avoid taking it personally

Dealing with weird things covert narcissists do might be difficult and painful. Whether, they are a partner, ex-partner, friend, coworker, or family member. The first thing to keep in mind is that you are not to blame for this.

A narcissist’s issue is with themselves and it is not an issue with you.

It can be challenging to not take criticism and belittling personally, but try to approach the situation from the perspective of an outsider. Are you really to blame for this? Is this individual attempting to trick you?

Being able to quit taking a narcissist’s insults personally requires some ability and patience, but it is one of the most important emotional intelligence abilities because you will come into contact with narcissists throughout your life.

Don’t react to weird things covert Narcissists do

To hear someone disparage you and resist the need to defend yourself just because it might seem normal is one of the toughest things to do. You want to defend yourself and prove your innocence because you know you’re not doing it, but doing so would only trap you in the narcissist’s web and force you to expend a lot of energy in fruitless arguments.

Be willing to let them speak whatever they’re going to say and set your ego aside. They’ll make accusations against you. They’re going to say untrue things about you. It’s okay; you don’t need to comment on anything at all; you can just listen to what they have to say. You might use language like whatever you perceive in them, just say, “I hear you, I hear that you feel angry or I hear that you feel.”

The trap is to begin defending yourself. They plan to continue using you in this manner. They’ll continue to include you in that discussion. In that relationship, they’ll keep you coming back for more.

Practice Ignoring negative comments and questions

Practice makes perfect, as the saying goes. Try acting out scenarios with your therapist or a close friend. You can work on course correction techniques or completely steer clear of awkward inquiries and remarks. You’ll eventually learn to recognise when a confrontation may be on the horizon. This ability can aid you in navigating your connection with a narcissist in the present. Always keep in mind that narcissistic people enjoy discussing themselves, so if you want to change the subject, locate something they enjoy discussing.

Stop Blaming yourself and start Ignoring

Keep in mind that you are not at all liable for the actions of others. All that matters is how you decide to live your life and progress toward a better future. I don’t expect you to cease blaming yourself for the narcissistic abuse you experienced after reading this post. But I will state that it wasn’t your fault. You didn’t incite the abuse or weird things covert narcissists do. Yes, there are reasons why you put up with the abuse for so long, which is why I advise taking some time to think on your actions.

It’s a matter of taking a new approach of ignoring the situation. The narcissist wants to make you feel responsible for everything, convince you of something, and then suffocate you with their narcissistic energy. Please realise that you are not at fault and that you have the power to change the story. Then,transform self-blame into self-awareness and healing.


You shouldn’t expect  covert narcissists to change their habits because they will never do so. Therefore, you can only control your own actions and keep ignoring weird things covert narcissists do.

You can effectively go “No Contact” or minimum contact when absolutely necessary and free yourself from the abuse by following the above mentioned steps to put a narcissistic abuse recovery program into action.In the long term, you’ll be happier and stronger because you deserve it.

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