Stress management : 4 reasons Why it is necessary for students

According to a survey,54.2% of mental health clinicians think anxiety, depression, and stress are critical issues encountered by U.S. college students. Mental health clinicians conducted this survey on U.S. college students. According to another survey , 80% of American students said that they sometimes feel stressed, and 34% of these students also showed symptoms of mild depression. This survey was carried out by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. The health clinicians believe that stress management is need of an hour for these students .

What is stress?

Stress is an immediate human body response to some current or upcoming threats . Stress can be classified as a severe problem as it might have adverse effects on human health. According to medical experts, different people react to stress differently. The human environment and its related factors mainly determine response to stress . For example, Medical or engineering students feel stress when they join their respective educational institutions. Since , they are worried about the upcoming strict study schedules and examinations.

What is stress management?

Stress management is a collection of different types of techniques and therapies to manage human stress levels. The implementation of stress management techniques needs consistent efforts during a fixed period. Stress management techniques help a person to improve in his routine activities by providing step by step solutions. Moreover, it also helps to get rid of related psychological issues such as anxiety and mild depression. It should be kept in mind that there is no fixed solution for stress . Since, different kinds of techniques are useful for other people.

The majority of students don’t give much importance to their stress and its management. Stress management plays a vital role in negatively affecting the academic performance and personal life of the student. Therefore, team Youthtabletalk has decided to guide students about the importance of stress management and easy ways to implement it in their lives.

Reasons stress management is important

Our team thinks the following are four reasons stress management is vital to students.

Stress management is vital as stress causes numerous health issues

Stress could be extremely damaging for students as it affects the whole human body system. Experts believe that continuous stress in students could cause headaches, muscle tension, stomach upset, and heartaches.

Stress can disturb studies

Stress could be hazardous for students as they lose their ability to focus on their studies . Since ,they feel occupied with stressful thoughts which affects their capabilities to study and learn with full concentration. Consequently, this affects their academic performance, due to which they score low grades in their exams.

Weight gain

High levels of stress increase the appetite of the majority of young students. The increase in appetite forces them to eat junk food which increases their weight. According to the research study carried out on the Arab medical students, high-stress levels in students changes their eating .

These medical students eat junk food as it is easy to eat without any hassle. Since , they don’t have time to prepare other food items due to their hectic study schedules.

Loss of sleep

There is a strong connection between stress and loss of sleep in students. According to a survey, more than 35 % of teenage students said that stress badly affected their sleep as they had to wake up at night during the last 30 days.

Teenage students who used to sleep less than 8 hours every night have noted that their stress levels were high. The students sleeping less than 8 hours had reported high stress levels . These stress levels are high as compared to teenage students who slept more than 8 hours/night. It has been noted that 36 % students think that they are feeling more tired due to study stress .

What is the solution?

The above discussion shows that stress management is essential for students to make progress in their academic careers. However, students feel difficulty in managing their stress due to their busy routine and lack of guidance. Students can control their stress by implementing effective time management strategies . Since ,there is a direct connection between time management and stress management. Therefore, they could keep a daily planner in their mobile or dairy to utilize their time better. Students can manage stress during student life by setting up a fixed sleeping and waking up schedule. According to set standards, 6 to 8 hours continuous night sleep is enough for students for their mind relaxation.

Students should make a morning walk or running routine. They must take a 10 min run daily. It is important as it refreshes the mind and it relieves the extra mental stress. In addition to the tips mentioned above, students could control their stress by drinking plenty of water . Moreover,students could control their stress by taking a healthy diet. Students must drink at least 6 to 7 glasses of water to keep themselves hydrated during a single day
Healthy dieting plan includes equal amounts of ingredients such as proteins, carbohydrates, cholesterol, fats, etc. Moreover, educational institutions could also develop training programs to teach students about handling their academic stress .

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