12 Hefty Tips to Deal with Weird Things Covert Narcissist Brother Do


As per latest estimates ,Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) affects 5% of the population or over 16 million people in USA. Therefore, you might know someone who suffers from this mental problem and is narcissistic. Experts usually advise to leave such a relationship containing toxic narcissism . But, what can you do if that person is your brother?

For many people, growing up with a narcissistic brother can be difficult. A lack of empathy for others, a sense of self-importance, and a persistent need for attention are the hallmarks of narcissism. When a brother possesses these patterns, the family dynamic may become toxic and often damaging. You must identify their pattern and understand methods on how to get rid of a narcissistic brother.

Are you the one suffering from depression and anxiety due to a selfish brother? Do you wonder how to deal with such narcissistic behavior?

In this article, we will discuss how to deal with a narcissistic brother and which weird things covert narcissists do. Let’s delve into the details!

Weird Signs to Identify Narcissistic Brother

There are many weird things covert narcissists do showing their narcissistic characteristics. In daily life, you must have encountered various strange things that are hallmarks of narcissism.

Let’s look at some weird things covert narcissists do, which would help in identifying narcissistic behavior.


They frequently talk about themselves in conversations, ignoring the thoughts, feelings, and experiences of others.

Lack of Empathy:

They do not care about others emotions. Rather, they lack empathy and do not understand anyone around them.


They exaggerate their sense of superiority and frequently belittle others to gain admiration.

Manipulative Actions:

They ignore the needs of others in favor of pushing their agenda. Otherwise, they manipulate to pursue their agenda.

Need for Appreciation:

They get agitated or furious when they don’t get continuous praise and acknowledgment.

How to Deal With a Covert Narcissistic Brother?

1.   Establishing Boundaries

Overstepping boundaries is one of the most evident weird things covert narcissist do, and it’s a pattern you would see in a narcissistic brother.

Having well-defined boundaries is crucial when managing a brother who displays narcissistic traits. Determining what actions are appropriate and inappropriate is necessary. It’s essential to convey these boundaries clearly and persuasively to avoid being confrontational.

Establishing limits is a matter of self-defense rather than trying to control your brother’s actions. Be ready to impose consequences if your brother acts disrespectfully. Say you won’t talk to him until he apologizes, for instance, if he insults you. While it can be challenging to set boundaries, doing so is crucial for your emotional health.

2.   Gather Knowledge about Narcissism

Everyone shoud get complete information about  narcissism and weird things covert narcissists do first. As,it is extremely important to understand that nothing is your fault, and there is no reason to blame yourself. In addition to that,it is extremely important write down narcissistic traits and behaviors you observe in a narcissistic sibling. By observing, you would be able to decide how to move forward in dealing with such siblings.

3.    Avoid Confrontation

If you want to stay out of the abuse cycle of a narcissist, try to avoid confrontations with them. There’s nothing you can do to impress a narcissist, so stop feeling the need to defend, justify, or explain yourself. Alternatively, they will stop at nothing to drag you into a fight-and-blame game.

Staying out of confrontation with a selfish brother is best to secure your mental peace. By arguing with them, they would get the chance to manipulate you further and make you feel bad emotionally.

Individuals with narcissistic tendencies have egos and are intolerant of rejection or criticism. In every situation, they are correct, and you are not. Consequently, it is useless to argue with them and will only cause frustration and anger.

4.   Prioritize Yourself

One of the most essential steps in dealing with a narcissistic brother is to stop excessively focusing on weird things covert narcissists do. Try to prioritize yourself, your happiness, and how you want to overcome their influence. You have to keep your distance from them so that you don’t experience mental strain every day.

Therefore, you have to establish clear boundaries with your narcissistic brother and maintain them further on. You can limit your interaction with the narcissist brother or cut contact with them completely. There’s nothing more important than your mental health and how you want to live your life peacefully.

5.   Refrain from Calling Them Out

It won’t help to criticize your brother’s narcissism. Narcissistic people see themselves as superior and are unable to recognize their weaknesses. Your brother will probably become defensive and irritated if you try to talk to him about his actions. Instead, pay attention to the core of the problem.

Let him know, for instance, that you need him to pay attention to you when you speak if he frequently interrupts you. Let his actions speak for themselves rather than his personality.

6.   Learn to Say “No”

Another thing you must keep in mind while dealing with weird things covert narcissist brother do is to learn how to say no. If you spot narcissistic traits and how they are emotionally manipulating you and disrupting your mental health, stand up to them. Gather courage,make your personality strong and start declining if they ask for any favor.

While doing favors for those you care about is acceptable, it is time to tighten your limits if you discover that you are giving a lot and receiving very little or nothing in return. Limits might range from saying no when your sister begs you to lend her your clothes again to refusing to reveal some aspects of your life to your mother.

7.   Identify your Choices

Your narcissistic brother would want you to lead a life as he wants to. It would be best to stand up to yourself and not let them control or manipulate you. Identify what you want and how you want to deal with this drama.

The more you become aware of narcissistic traits, the easier you will understand their nature. You can stand up for yourself without being involved in any family drama. If you want to break the cycle of mental torture, it becomes evident to make a decision and stay firm at that.

8.   Develop Self-Compassion

Developing self-compassion and kindness toward oneself is one of the most important components of boundary setting. You may reject self-limiting thoughts, get over guilt, and handle anxiety and depression with the help of self-compassion.

9.   Preserve your Energy

To fit in their drama, your narcissists would want you to be a certain way. What he wants from you, obeying him doesn’t have to be you. Remember to always go with your first preference. You’ll be able to identify the efforts of a narcissistic brother or circumstances more easily. If you know his tactics, protecting your energy and staying out of their influence is best.

10.  Establish a Support System

Dealing with a narcissistic family brother can be made easier with the support of trustworthy friends or others who are not part of the immediate family. You can handle the situation better and feel safer if you tell people you trust about your experience. Remember to think about joining a support group.

Sharing your story with people who can relate can be healing and reassuring. You should seek coaching or therapy if the challenges are too massive to handle alone.

11.  Ask for Assistance Anytime

It’s not easy to deal with a narcissistic brother. In light of this, don’t hesitate to ask for assistance and support when needed. Seek help from therapists, support groups, or reliable friends who are familiar with the dynamics of managing a narcissistic brother. They can also help you understand your brother’s behavior and how to communicate with him effectively.

12.  Acceptance

It’s crucial to acknowledge that you might not have the power to influence your narcissistic brother’s actions. It is not your job to make them understand their mistakes or try to be different from mending them.

Though it can be challenging, accepting this can also be freeing. Let go of the desire to alter others and concentrate on your growth and happiness.

Bottom Line

Although managing a narcissistic brother can be difficult, it is not impossible. You can handle this challenging relationship with grace and strength if you set boundaries, care for yourself, don’t argue, ask for help, and accept the things you cannot do differently. It is always possible to make positive changes in your life, and you deserve to be in supportive and healthy relationships.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that you did not cause weird things covert narcissist do and that you are powerless to influence them if you have one. Put your energy into cultivating relationships with your supportive family members.

Take some time to yourself, and if necessary, avoid or have minimal contact with your narcissistic brother.

Seek out therapy and professional support when you find the situation too challenging. Never give up, stay strong, and prioritize your mental health.

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