Covert narcissists and their 5 Weird Blame shifting tactics


Covert narcissists are renowned for their blame shifting habits and they instead of admitting their mistakes, feel easier to shift the blame on to others .Actually, they often use it to keep their so called image of superiority. Weird things covert narcissists do during blame shifting helps them to frequently avoid taking responsibility for their actions or mistakes.

If you are also experiencing a narcissistic abuse then keep reading as we are going to discuss Weird things covert narcissists do when blame shifting. It is important to understand them as it will help you to become aware of their hidden tactics to undermine and dominate you.

Deflecting tactics

Narcissists often evade accountability by shifting attention away from themselves and towards others. They may change the subject or alter the focus of conversations or disputes to avoid acknowledging their own actions.

For this covert narcissists use clever tactic known as Darvo technique . The narcissist utilizes denial of their actions, targeting the individual confronting them, and reversing the roles of victim and offender to divert focus from their behavior, frequently sowing doubt in the victim’s assertions. The essence of DARVO lies in the narcissist’s deep-seated desire for self-preservation and dominance. They frequently resort to this tactic to safeguard their ego and uphold their preferred self-image, regardless of the consequences.

Projecting onto Others

This tactic involves attributing their own negative qualities, behaviors, or intentions onto others. Here, by doing this, narcissists plan to deflect responsibility and protect their image. Here, they use statements such as “You’re being labeled as selfish because you’re hesitant to comply with my requests, supposedly due to self-centeredness”. However, it’s often the case that they are the ones consistently making excuses, breaking promises, displaying unreliability, and exhibiting self-centered behavior or competitiveness. Additionally, they conveniently overlook any past favors or assistance you’ve provided them.

In their perspective, they believe they’re entitled to your resources such as time, money, and energy, and perceive your refusal, inability, or lack of compliance as an attack against them. They won’t reciprocate unless it serves their interests, resorting to various manipulative and abusive tactics like name-calling, mocking, bullying, triangulation, minimizing, defamation of character, belittling feelings, trolling, obfuscating the issue, deflecting, gaslighting, guilt-tripping, provocation, unjustified criticism, nitpicking, or outright verbal abuse, all aimed at inducing guilt and coercing you into meeting their demands.

Gaslighting Tactics

Gaslighting is a deceptive tactic of narcissists to create doubts in their victims’ minds, and memories. Weird things covert narcissists do during gas lighting includes rejection or misrepresentation of reality. This thing leads to question their own event understandings, and that makes them feel guilty for the narcissist’s conduct.

Psychological experts believe that weird things covert narcissists do during gas lighting also include open manipulation targeted at applying control, influence, and fostering loneliness. It includes continues refutation, rejection, and disapproval, that can cause a person to question their recollections, judgments, and opinions. The gaslighter might try to tone down the condition by telling that the victim is exaggerating or being extremely sensitive, using phrases like, “You’re being paranoid,” or “You’re imagining things.” Furthermore, they might try to control the victim’s actions and social activities, trying to isolate them from friends and family, while also emphasizing supremacy by making one-sided decisions in the association. Consequently gaslighting, victims might experience self-doubt and confusion, even doubting their saneness.


Narcissists try to decrease the importance and impact of weird things covert narcissists do on others. They might underestimate their conduct, provide justifications, or explain their actions to avoid blame and penalties. In addition to that, they also consistently moderate and vindicate their activities, boosted by their exaggerated sense of superiority that permits them to believe they are always on the right side, in spite of the weirdness of their behavior. But, they also never feel sorry for their wrong behavior with their victims or friends. Moreover, they use various kinds of statements during weird things covert narcissists do.  They use various kinds of statements such as “It wasn’t that bad” or “You’re overreacting.” This method helps as a definitive security mechanism for the narcissist, as they attempt to diminish the significance of their actions, effectively disregarding the emotions of those affected.

They may bring up past grievances or faults of the accuser, suggesting they are not perfect either . This strategy serves to shift the focus away from the narcissist, compelling the accuser to defend themselves instead.

Victim Blaming

In certain instances, narcissists may reverse the narrative, portraying themselves as victims while assigning blame to others for their own behavior. By distorting events, they divert attention from their own misconduct.

Individuals with pronounced narcissistic tendencies and other dark personality traits frequently deflect responsibility for their own misconduct by blaming others. When they engage in deceitful behavior, they are quick to accuse others of lying; when they display cruelty, they will assert that others are cruel. Similarly, if they are involved in theft or deception, they will accuse others of the same offenses. They consistently evade accountability, consistently shifting blame onto others.

Moreover, apart from projecting their negative characteristics onto others, they also appropriate positive traits from those around them. For instance, if they witness someone exhibiting kindness, they may retort, “No, no, this person isn’t kind—I am the kind one!” Likewise, when confronted with someone else’s success and happiness, the narcissist might disparage them as a “loser” or “fake,” while proclaiming themselves as truly successful and genuine.

Final Words

Blame shifting is included in the list of weird things covert narcissists do to avoid responsibility for their mistakes. As per experts, it is the most deadly weapon of narcissists to keep control on their victims and partners. In addition to that narcissists use this technique  to damage the victim’s self-confidence. However, our above mentioned tactics will help guide victims about this manipulative tactic. Moreover, it will also empower them to identify, fight, and finally break free from the poisonous aspects of narcissistic connections.

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