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15 Weird Things Covert Narcissists Do in Relationships

  Intimate relationships can present a range of experiences, that involve both positive and difficult aspects. However, when one partner displays covert egoistic characteristics, the dynamics within the relationship can become notably complicated and emotionally stressful. Covert narcissists exhibit a significant ability to hide their authentic character by presenting themselves as humble, reserved, or vulnerable. […]

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7 Weird things covert narcissists do at work

Have you ever experienced emotional exhaustion at work because of the actions of another person? Some of our colleagues may have peculiar personality traits that make it difficult to understand them and exhausting to work with them. They can’t possibly a narcissists since they are so reserved and shy, right? Have you heard about the […]

Narcissists do

6 Weird things covert narcissists do while spending

Intermingling with covert narcissists can be extremely tough, as they have some of the most testing personality behaviours such as grandiosity, authority, power, and a lack of empathy. Unfortunately, these traits have become more common in recent years. What makes things worse is that weird things covert narcissists do often ignored or are overlooked, principally […]


6 Weird things covert narcissists do to terrorize you in car

Everyone loves to enjoy while going out with their friends or partners but things can get messy when you are with covert narcissists. Since, weird things covert narcissists do to make your life miserable.  Covert narcissists while driving a car may display a range of behaviors that reflect their underlying narcissistic tendencies. If you are […]


Weird Things covert narcissists do to get an emotional control

  Covert narcissists are individuals who have a high sense of self-importance and entitlement, but they disguise their true nature behind a veneer of humility and kindness. They often use subtle tactics to manipulate and control those around them. They love to have emotional control over their victims and use different tactics to do it. […]


4 Weird Things Covert Narcissists Do Behind You

What I have known about Covert Narcissists so far is my personal experience and the knowledge I have earned from my clinical practice. Suspicious creatures, weird things covert narcissists do can leave you mysterious and on edge all the time. Do you wonder why your partner is being so secretive and not sharing details about […]


6 Weird Things Covert Narcissists Do When You Breakup

You try your hardest to keep up with a Covert Narcissist until one day; you can’t take it anymore. You are tired of their manipulation, lies, and blame games. Their never admitting mistakes and turning tables on you every single time has drained your energy so much that you finally decide to walk away. One […]


5 weird things covert narcissists do to look miserable

Have you ever interacted with sneaky ones who pretend to be humble and selfless? Actually, they are self-centered and manipulative. These are the kind of people who always seem to have the perfect answer or solution for everything. They are none other than covert narcissists who constantly seek validation and admiration from others. They are […]


5 weird things covert narcissists do to fool their victims

  Nothing is more tormenting than dealing with weird things covert narcissists do to fool their victims. Since, they pose like  normal, and caring person but deep down inside they know what they are doing, If you are doubting someone being narcissist ,then keep reading as we going to discuss 5 weird things covert narcissists […]


How to save you from passive aggressive weird things covert narcissists do?

Passive-aggressive behavior is a common tactic used by many people to avoid confrontation or get their way without openly attacking others. However, when it is combined with the traits of a covert narcissist, it can become an insidious and manipulative way of controlling others. In this blog, we will explore the passive-aggressive tactics used by […]


5 quick tips for ignoring weird things covert narcissists do?

Dealing covert narcissist is quite challenging .Therefore, it is critical that you understand how to spot and deal with them . You should develop capabilities to recognize weird things covert narcissists do.  After all, you deserve respect and wholesome relationships.Ignoring  narcissists is an effective strategy that frequently calls for perseverance and commitment. So consider your […]


5 Weird things covert narcissists do to deceive their partners

you Are you caught up in a state of prolonged dysphoria – causing self-doubt, confusion, self-devaluation, and isolation? And you feel that you are dealing with a covert narcissist? But you don’t really know how to handle this situation and get out of this mess? As these people are deceptive and create enough confusion to […]

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