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Grieving process : Why it is important for Grief Counseling?

Have you ever lost someone so dear to you that their absence makes you feel hollow and grounds you with a feeling of emptiness down your chest? Do you find yourself unable to perform routine tasks without thinking about the fond memories you once shared? If your answer is yes, then you are most likely experiencing grief that has not yet been counselled effectively.

Coming to terms with the feeling of losing someone can be a traumatizing experience in itself and often rarely discussed, making it even more complicated to cope with. The death of a loved one can impact a person both mentally and physically and keep in mind everyone grieves differently, this pain can sometimes impact one’s ability to function their routine tasks. Grief counseling near me is a widely used technique that helps you manage and take control of your grief without letting it hinder your everyday tasks.

Who needs grief counseling near me?

Any emotional or physical pain after experiencing a traumatic life event can be categorized as grief or bereavement. From children to adults, the grieving process differs as everyone has their own coping mechanism that can vary with gender, age or level of attachment with the lost one.

Stages of the grieving process

The effect of experiencing a traumatic event or losing someone can have lifelong repercussions on one’s well being thus requires proper grief counseling near me. The five stages of grieving vary from person to person due to distinct attributes but the emotional terrain is properly mapped through this 5 step process. It’s not necessary that everyone follows the exact same pattern; you might find yourself juggling between stages or even skipping a few.

Shutting down feelings

At this phase, one might realize that something extremely vital has been lost but the feelings go numb here.


A sense of the presence being continued is observed and is a part of this stage. An individual might start searching for ways to replace what was lost.


An overwhelming feeling of anger and despair can be felt frequently. This is a stage where ambivalent feelings might exist like longing for the lost one vs. rage against the loss vs. a feeling of despair. In most cases, anger is more frequently observed than sorrow as for most, sadness can seem confusing and demeaning.


At this stage, one is able to actually feel all the emotions that were once attached to that person without feeling overwhelmed, translate their emotions into words and integrate into the context of their lives.


After going through the above stages, one is finally able to reinvest in their life and relationships. We can fully plumb the depths of the loss and emerge stronger to face the reality of life.

Hence, it is crucial to realize who requires proper grief counseling  near me and identifying the right moment is the key to holding the answer. If your loss is too overwhelming that it has started to overshadow your day to day activities, then it is most likely that you need professional assistance from a counselor.

Why the grieving process is important in grief counseling near me?

Following are some reasons the grieving process helps counselors to control grief.

Honouring the lost one

When we love someone, we attach ourselves to that person, grieving is the process of detaching ourselves from that connection while still keeping a fond memory of them safe in our hearts. It’s a way to not only honor the love we have for them but to honour the relationship that you have built over the years. In other words, it’s a simplistic procedure to say farewell to the lost one by accepting the loss and realizing the joyful memories that you have left of them for the rest of your life.

Enables one to reach new reality

The loss of a loved one leaves a hole in your heart that is as real and tangible as any other aspect of your life. Loss can be termed and shaped in a whole other perspective that makes the process easier for us in the long term. It teaches us survival and resilience; helps you embrace the loss and let it shape a better you.

It is important to realize that ignoring or skipping the grieving process will be of no use. No matter what you do, where you go, this hole will latch itself on you and feed on your mental capacity. Furthermore, it limits our emotional capabilities as we are using our emotional energy to cope with the little things in life that can be triggering.

When loss is not accompanied by some sort of procedure that enables us to express our feelings of vulnerability and despair, the emotions can go underground. One way or another, they will come back to haunt you in the middle of the day or when you have accomplished a milestone in life if you have not allowed yourself to accept the loss and grieve in the loving memory of the deceased

 Teaches us to be grateful for what we have

Shutting your eyes to the loss is surely not an answer to your despair. It is a learning process that needs to be welcomed wholeheartedly. By realizing what we have lost, we come to terms with the joyous memories that we had with that person. Makes us realize the importance of the bond we shared, the importance of living in the moment and making the most out of the situation by being grateful for your present blessings

Cleanses the soul

The last and foremost reason is that grieving leaves the mind and heart pure. When the mind and heart jointly become heavy and cry internally, the irreparable loss gets shared and feels less suffocating.


Healthy grieving requires a balance between your varying emotions and your new lifestyle. It is important to realize that grieving is an active process requiring time and effort. One might argue that grieving is a process carrying essence of pain alongside, but from a different point of view, it actually brings you closer to the light. The vulnerability we feel during the entire process by going in the utter depth of our emotions brings us closer to humanity and softens our heart.
A death of a loved one perpetually changes you both psychologically and emotionally. The effects of losing someone reverberates throughout your life if you try to find a quick fix. Surely, the pain eases with time but it never really goes away and that is the major reason why it’s imperative to take full accountability for your grief and learn to live a life alongside the loss. In addition,it is also important to take help from grief counseling near me.

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