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6 Annoying and Weird things covert narcissists do 

Initially, narcissists frequently come across as gorgeous, incredibly self-assured individuals. They want others to share their image of themselves because they believe they are unique and amazing. Indeed, problems with them aren’t usually immediately apparent. If you are in a relationship with anyone like that but have not confirmed about them. Then keep reading as we will discuss 5 annoying weird things covert narcissists do.

Get bored easily even their favorite things

Narcissistic people prioritize their interests over those of others; therefore they prioritize their pleasure before considering the effects of their decisions. They are quickly bored by new experiences and this is included in the list of weird things covert narcissists do. They do this as they require constant stimulation around them. 

This kind of narcissist will look to social media likes and comments for external affirmation to assuage their concerns. Because they are constantly on the lookout for new and exciting things as well as new people, it explains why they end up cheating on their partners.

Covert Narcissists have a bad sense of humor

Narcissists devise plans of action to blend in and seem neurotypical. And one of the weird things covert narcissists do is fake humor.

Narcissists seek admiration and adoration. They also try to blend in. Thus, they pretend to have a sense of humor to utilize as needed. The humor of narcissists can be taken extremely seriously. However, narcissists frequently repeat the same narratives. When you’ve known a narcissist for a while, you’ve probably heard them tell the same old tales. Hearing the same story repeated endlessly as brand-new acquaintances are transfixed by their purported “humor” can be irritating.

Keep their lives Private

They feel ashamed of their actions, thoughts, emotions, and even of themselves. Since their environment is created to correspond with their false identity, they do not want to invite anyone into it. You wouldn’t deal with them if they revealed who they are and what they are thinking. Because they are ignorant, they do not want you to know anything. Therefore, they keep their lives private and that is included in weird things covert narcissists do.

Narcissists also do this because they lack identity, organized cognition, self-control, sexual perversions, and self-worth. 

Annoying Obsessing of their Target

All narcissists are essentially infatuated with their target until they are finished with it. This form of addiction is not motivated by love or devotion. All they want is constant nonstop supply and unlimited fuel. Sex, money, power, or other materialistic things might be the issue at times. Family and friends frequently mistake this fixation for love. From the outside, it appears that Narc and their partners are in a lovely relationship where he is obsessed with her and constantly dependent upon her. But on the inside, it’s awful and included in the weird things covert narcissists do.

Weird Physical Relationships

Because they are so self-centered, narcissists are certain they are always correct. They will be certain that they know what your body feels like better than you do, even when discussing what is pleasurable during sex.

Regardless of how they behave in bed, narcissists require you to demonstrate to them that you believe they are the best person and the best lover in the world. They are desperate for your approval and will go to any lengths to win your admiration. If you do not consistently validate them, they will eventually start to withdraw or possibly become abusive.

Don’t Tolerate funny jokes

Covert Narcissists believe that they are perfect and don’t want anyone else to think otherwise. As a result, every joke that is directed at them will cause them to become too sensitive. The narcissists get upset easily because jokes about them cast them in a less-than-favorable light. For example : In my case,even nickname that he considered disrespectful was never allowed to be used to refer to  narcissism. When he was returning from the grocery shop, I once politely teased him that he might get lost. Then, in an overreaction, he exclaimed, “That is not polite! Why are you treating me so badly? I can’t believe you would address me in that manner! Nevertheless, he consistently joked at me and  it seemed absurd. When I spoke up, he would dismiss me as “being no fun, or too sensitive,” but it was acceptable for him to make jokes about me.

Bottom Line

Covert narcissists fabricate a false self to fulfill their needs in life. Weird things covert narcissists do simultaneously to cause harm others in their closest connections by acting in a pathologically narcissistic manner behind closed doors.

But if you find yourself in a relationship with a hidden narcissist, what should you do?

You need to take care of yourself, cherish yourself, and make new connections.

To do what is important to you and what you deserve, find a method to heal the wounds, love yourself, and rekindle your relationship with yourself. Better relationships will then develop, and you won’t ever have to deal with a covert narcissist again. And if one were to approach you, you would be able to see their mask before they could harm you.

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