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4 Astonishing Weird things covert narcissists do in your absence

Have you ever dealt with someone egotistical and challenging? If yes, then it must have been a nerve wrecking experience for you.

We often encounter characters during our  lives exhibiting high levels of arrogance, deception, and toxicity. Some of us also have friends showing these characteristics. Psychological experts call them covert narcissists and it is quite irritating and damaging  to have them as close friends.

These kinds of people become even more dangerous in your absence .If you are currently experiencing them ,then this article will be of great help. As we will discuss some Weird things covert narcissists do in your absence.

Weird things covert narcissists do to steal your belongings

Narcissists think they are always entitled to anything they want. They believe they have a right to want to sleep with six individuals when they are still married. Due to their right to take, steal, and have anything they desire, narcissists frequently cause financial abuse, which is why so many victims report it.

Spread negativity about you

It is common knowledge that weird things covert narcissists do in our absence to avoid accepting responsibility for their actions. Moreover, they also consistently deny any wrongdoings or unfavorable character qualities. Even when it is obvious that they are the ones at fault, they always place the blame elsewhere. One justification for this is to absolve them of responsibility for the terrible things they are doing. No one can hold me accountable if I place the blame on others.

In addition, narcissists are masters of projection. They relentlessly accuse others of the actions they take and blame them for the bad behaviors they show. They employ these tried-and-true strategies to remain aggressive, to place others in a precarious position, and to continue making people feel bad. All of this is done to boost their self-confidence.


covert narcissist

Destroying your belongings

Destroying your belongings is included in the list of weird things covert narcissists do .Whenever they observe that someone has something they don’t; they might destroy it to create a level playing field. Likewise, they may demean someone to show their superiority over them. Therefore, covert narcissists love to damage your belongings in your absence.

Damage your reputation to get attention

Your reputation would be ruined to a considerable extent by narcissists who feel threatened. Both online and off, they have the ability to spread false tales. On your company’s Google or Facebook page, some narcissists have been known to post you a tons of negative reviews using fake online identities. If they discover any negative evaluations on your pages, they hope that any possible future business would crumble. As an alternative, they can fabricate stories about you and spread them among your friends and family, or they might defame you online. This is known as a smear campaign.

Bottom line

These weird things covert narcissists do have been observed repeatedly while having relationship with a them. The good news is that if you choose to continue living with your narcissist partner, you can now put them into perspective.

You must take precautions to protect yourself from the harm that these words and deeds may inflict. However, if you believe the relationship has started to psychologically harm you too much, start preparing your escape route.

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