Top 5 Institutions Offering Grief Counseling NYC

Top 5 Institutions Offering Grief Counseling NYC

No matter how long you want to mourn the loss of your beloved one, grief counseling NYC got you covered. It can help you navigate through one of the major breakdowns of your life. 

Grief is an inescapable component of our lives. However, grieving the loss of a loved one is always challenging and most complicated to cope with. It gets worse if the loss is sudden and unexpected. It gives rise to a volcanic eruption of uncontrollable emotions, and there is no way we can be prepared to grieve.

Grief is not about mourning the loss of a loved one only. Grief can be of any sort. It can also be related to someone diagnosed with a terminal illness (cancer) who is about to die. It can be associated with a traumatizing life event from which you cannot move on, for instance, a bomb blast you witnessed, and so forth. 

Over time, some people begin to accept that they have lost someone so dear to them and start coping in their ways, whereas others get stuck there and are unable to move on. Consequently, they carry the grief in their hearts as they pretend to perform their day-to-day activities. 


Grief counseling NYC is structured to assist people in coping with a loved one’s loss. A grief counselor can aid in finding ways that will help you throughout the grieving process. 

You must have heard about the various stages of grief, which can be of a different magnitude for everyone, but grief counseling NYC is especially recommended for those whose suffering:

  1. Interferes with their routine tasks
  2. It makes a person go into depression or feel guilt
  3. Causes troubles in their current relationships
  4. Halts their lives

How can grief counseling NYC help? 

Not only does grief counseling NYC help you get over the loss, but it also allows you to:

  1. Cure your trauma
  2. Speak about your emotions and feelings
  3. Discuss the feelings of guilt and pain you may be residing deep down
  4. Accept your new reality

Living with an unresolved loss is bitter and can lead to complex grief, which is more intense, lasts longer, and is tougher to cure. Grief counseling NYC enables grieving individuals to seek treatment in an environment similar to their own homes.  Grief counseling NYC helps you grow around it and encourages you to build an ability for joy and pain to exist simultaneously. This article will explore the top 5 institutions that offer grief counseling NYC

Gilda’s Club NYC

Grief is not only about losing a loved one. Grief can be of different types, including that cancer. If you or your dear one is impacted by cancer, Gilda’s Club is the best place for grief counseling NYC. Its psychosocial and educational support program is available for you, and Gilda Club’s program is 100% free. 

Gilda’s Club is available for anyone and everyone affected by cancer. It can be of any stage, any type, men and women, teens and children, friends and loved ones, family members and caregivers, underserved and uninsured, any caste, religion, ethnicity, race, or sexual orientation. 

Gilda’s Club has separate programs for different age groups. It includes an adult program, a youth program for younger children and teenagers, a family program, and even a Spanish program for those who speak the Spanish language. 

The programs generally include individual counseling, educational lectures, support groups, social events, and healthy lifestyle programs. 

Gilda’s Club NYC is situated at 195 West Houston St. You can contact anyone from the program department for your assistance by dialing 212-647-9700.

Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital

Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital is the world’s oldest and largest private cancer center that has dedicated over 135 years to exceptional patient care, excellent educational program, and unique research. MSK is one of the 52 National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers, with state-of-the-art science thriving alongside clinical studies and treatment. 

MSK hospital is located at 1275 York Avenue 

New York, NY 10021

Contact number: 646-888-4889

It is free of cost. 

MSKH is open to everyone in the community when Death is related to cancer. Certified grief professionals run the groups that provide these grief counseling services. The types of groups include: 

  • Loss of spouse
  • Loss of an adult child 
  • Adult loss of a parent
  • Adult loss of a sibling or other close relationships

These group sessions are conducted from Monday to Thursday in the evenings. There are also drop-in general bereavement groups held during the daytime. 

Calvary Hospital 

Calvary Hospital is the only place in the country solely dedicated to providing hospice and palliative care to adult patients and senior citizens with terminal cancer and other end-stage illnesses. 

Cavalry Hospital is located at four locations in Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, and Queens and throughout the greater New York area where the population resides. Cavalry’s programs include patient care, hospice, pain management, home care with grief counseling NYC, and support programs for families and friends. 

The hospital aims to take care of the patients’ and their families’ medical, emotional, and spiritual needs at the end of their lives. Cavalry Care is the world’s number 1 expert in palliative care of a patient, and it is compassionate and sympathetic and provides tender care to its patients. 

If you or anyone from your friends or family suffers from terminal illness or cancer, you can get the best grief counseling NYC services at Cavalry Care.

Cavalry Care’s services are free of cost, and it is located at 1740 Eastchester Road, Bronx, NY 10461

Jacob Perlow Hospice

Jacob Perlow Hospice Corporation is a private company providing hospital & Health Care services. It was established in 2012, and the number of employees at the organization ranges from 25 to 100. The annual revenue of Jacob Perlow fluctuates between 5.0 – 25 million. The hospital’s location and contact number are:

First Avenue, 16th Street

New York, NY, 10003

United States

(212) 420-4153

Apart from being a top corporation offering grief counseling NYC, Jacob Perlow Hospice also provides medical treatment, personal patient treatment, and palliative care services. The hospital organizes grief reconciliation seminars whose registration is required. These grief counseling NYC services are available to the entire community, including the families of hospice patients, free of cost. However, to avail of the grief counseling NYC facilities, you must register yourself. 

Center For Bereavement

In your time of grief, counseling is crucial in helping you to make peace with the demise of your loved one or someone who is about to go. Center For Bereavement addresses the following types of losses:

  1. Loss through Death
  2. Hidden losses
  3. Complicated grief
  4. Anticipatory grief
  5. Traumatic grief and others

Robert Anderson says,” Death ends a life, not a relationship.” The Center For Bereavement has multiple goals. However, the principal aim is to provide grief counseling NYC to individual mourners and their families. Center For Bereavement provides a safe, confidential, and secure place for those who have lost a loved one recently or a couple of years back, and a licensed therapist facilitates the process. 

CFB also provides grief counseling NYC workshops to help clinicians explore their grief experiences and history and offer state-of-the-art bereavement theory and treatment practices. CFB provides additional bereavement resources, including related organizations, summer bereavement camps, and programs, and suggested lectures to the community of mourners. 

Final Thoughts

Accepting the reality of losing a loved one can take a lot of time. You are supposed to be patient and avoid rushing through your grieving time. You need not be hesitant in talking about your grief with friends and family. However, if you feel like you cannot open up in front of them, you have grief counseling NYC’s back. Acknowledging your feelings as they come and spending time with your dear ones can make the bereavement process a lot easier to bear. 

Most of all, learn to celebrate the lost one in a way that would honor their life. Deciding to consult a grief counselor is often viewed as unnecessary or unacceptable, especially when you are grieving. At that time, nothing made sense. Your have jammed senses. So it is understandable if you are skeptical about initially opting for grief counseling NYC. However, you don’t need to get to your lowest to seek therapy. You can go for it if you need some space to talk without the fear of judgment or if you are failing to regulate your emotions on your own. 

 If you are looking for grief counseling platforms and support groups, you might want to consider the ones I mentioned above. On a side note, online platforms such as Talkspace and support groups are also available. You can also download apps such as Betterhelp to help pour your heart out when nobody else can understand you.


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