things covert narcissists say

6 unbelievable things covert narcissists say and do to woo yo

6 unbelievable things covert narcissists say and do to woo you 

Have you ever encountered a covert narcissist in your life? If yes, then you are quite aware that it is tough to handle them as they are such a mess that even their close friends don’t feel comfortable around them. Their family and friends have to bear unbelievable things covert narcissists say, making everyone uneasy.

But Before discussing these things, let’s discover the concept of narcissism by peeking into its history.

According to Greek mythology, Narcissus was a handsome hunter from Thespiae in Boeotia. He allegedly rejected all romantic attitudes and spent the rest of his life staring at his own reflection in a pool of water after finally falling in love with it. When he passed away, a flower bearing his name grew in his place.

The term narcissism, which refers to an obsession on oneself, is derived from the character of Narcissus. This characteristic also adds to the description of narcissistic personality disorder, a mental illness characterized by grandiosity, an exaggerated desire for praise, and a lack of empathy.

Narcissists might appear attractive at first, but they will probably suck you into a vicious cycle of narcissistic exploitation that makes you probe yourself over time. They utilize covert narcissistic strategies like gas lighting & love bombing to influence you into carrying on your relationship. By doing so, they tend to say a lot of everyday narcissistic idioms.

Covert narcissists show themselves to everyone as nervous, socially unreliable, hostile, and reserved individuals .But actually, they share the same unemphatic attributes as their attention-seeker counterparts. That’s right, these folks are just as equally skilled in the dark arts of manipulation as overt narcissists, although they tend to hide their true intentions with more finesse, making them even more dangerous.

Things Covert Narcissists say 

Here are some of the common things covert narcissists say to seduce their targets.

“Nobody will ever love you the way I do, I see something in you that no one will ever see.”

These are seductive things covert narcissists say to attract you to achieve their personal objectives .Experts believe it is a form of  gas lighting that is a bit of an insult for you too. Clearly, somebody else could also love you as you are adorable and a suitable match.

Actually, covert narcissists used these sentences to control and isolate you. It is quite a clever ploy to make you feel special and precious. And it also gives an impression that your love story is quite unique and you have never felt special or came from a family where you didn’t feel special .

You are right, let’s move in together/get married and have a child

This statement is included in the list of things covert narcissists say to seduce you . It is just like future faking and some kind of promise to get you back in less time. Psychologists always inform us to beware of these things as they are just used by covert narcissists to get you sucked back in, but it can also suck you into something more difficult to get out of.

I love you more than anyone else

This statement is included in the list of things covert narcissists say to influence you by using love bombing after a tough period. By doing this they hope that your better side will overcome and you will overlook the past negativity. This is said to retain you in a vicious abuse cycle. This could also be one of the things narcissists say in hope to win you back to them after you left them.

How different you were to anyone else they’ve dated

This dialogue is included in the list of things covert narcissists say to woo their favorite girl. They burden the nerves of their target through continuous flattering , expensive gifts and exciting trips for holidays. Experienced psychologists believe that they just do this to use you as their next source of supply .Therefore, they try this extremely alluring love bombing technique to make you feel that you are the most valuable individual  in their lives. Majority of victims fall for them as they act like perfect prince charming. However, none of it is actual, as this isn’t how a usual bond is supposed to move forward.

Have you ever visited Paris in the fall? I can’t wait to show you around. I know Paris more than anyone else

The covert narcissist lover defines amazing things vividly about the two of you together. For instance : The romantic walks beside the seaside, the foreign tours you will do, and even relatives and close families that he or she wishes you to see. You get caught up in it and call this individual to be your closest one at a family wedding in a few months’ time and your new lover instantaneously approves. You take a sigh of relief and imagine: “They have to be serious. Why would they agree to go to a family event, if they weren’t in a romantic relationship with me?”

We look amazing together

These are important things covert narcissists say to love bomb you and gaslight you to believe  that all is well, even if it is not the case. In addition, they also try to get you to respond  in a similar way. Moreover, if they are not permanently courteous, repeating this is a nice tactic to keep you on the track.

Bottom Line

After reading these things covert narcissists say to lure their victims, you would be quite aware of. However, you must be careful while dealing with them as they often. Paint a glowing picture of the exciting future together. This is their most effective strategy to attract their victims and enjoy themselves through getting  sex and validation . But that is not quite possible in the future . 

Whenever these things happen, you must  search for a qualified therapist who specializes in this area. And can make a big difference in how you feel. Narcissists will often try to manipulate you. But knowing their real intentions can help you protect yourself. Together, you and skilled psychologists will create a plan to aid you through this situation and build a protection plan if you feel like you’re vulnerable.


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