Psychological Issues: We will provide feasible solutions

Youth is an age group where a person faces psychological issues . Since,it is the period when a person is transforming  physically , emotionally , and mentally . Youth is a time period of fast development, growth and physical change. It is a very sensitive time for the majority of individuals as they feel difficulty in coping with their physical changes. Some people feel extremely uneasy as their body is going through weird physical changes. Since ,these individuals think that their lives are at standstill due to no physical activity taking place . Some individuals are worried about their mental issues.14 years to 26 years is a time period that lays a foundation for your future. Since, there is so much pressure from all sides of the society.This is a time when parents have to play their important role. 

The long  list of these pressures includes family pressure, peer pressure, career pressure, and relationship pressure , etc. All of these stresses lead to depression. Therefore, depressive and mood disorders are extremely common in youth worldwide. 

Psychological Issues

Psychological issues are mostly caused by mental disorders which are abnormalities related. These abnormalities cause consistent behavior patterns that can badly affect routine life activities.Medical experts have identified numerous Psychological issues caused by psychological disorders. The  list of these issues includes eating , mood , personality ,psychotic , and sexual disorders. Timely diagnosis and treatment are very helpful in treating these psychological issues . This diagnosis should be done by experts .These experts should be trained to deal with every kind of issues .

Psychological Issues

Additionally, renowned psychologists have done a great deal of discussions regarding depression, behavioral, and psychological disorders. However, still it’s hard to relate to them unless someone who has been through these problems talks about it. It is more relatable and understandable that way. 

I have battled through very difficult times in my life. I have gained a lot of wisdom from the hurdles that came along my way. Right now, I am a final year MBBS student. Every day, I learn something new that helps me grow as a person. Therefore , I just felt that I should talk about the common psychological problems encountered by youth. Team Youthtabletalk intends to reach out to the youth through this blog. Moreover ,it will talk and discuss their concerns and share solutions .

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