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Preventing Relapse:10 Beneficial Steps for Long Term Recovery From Purging Disorder

  Recovering from a purging disorder is a long and tedious journey. Purging disorder is one of the psychological illnesses to achieve the perfect weight, comprising induced vomiting and laxative use. The majority of those suffering from purging disorders are young girls. Many girls succumb to eating disorders from tremendous pressure from society, they tend […]

Purging Disorder

6 psychological impacts of purging disorder on teenagers

Within the complicated domain of mental health of teenagers, purging disorder arises as a significant problem that intersects with aspects such as self-perception, self-esteem, feelings of anxiety, as well as cognitive abilities. Purging disorder is a renowned eating disorder involving the act of purging. People use this behavior to regulate their body shape or weight, […]


8 Unhealthy Habits Associated With Purging Disorders

  Teenage or Adolescence is a stage of life where significant personality changes, personal life, social circle, and cognition occur. Adolescents undergo magnificent corporal changes in their body mass, stature, hair growth, voice thickening, and the emergence of secondary sexual characteristics. However, one thing to note here is that mental changes also take place along […]


Purging Disorder & its 5 Drastic Effects On Teenagers

Are you one of those individuals who are weight conscious? Have you tried to do everything possible to avoid putting on extra pounds and look perfect? Or have you noticed anyone around you possessing anxious behaviour regarding dieting and weight loss?Since I am a doctor pursuing Psychiatry as a career, I am well aware of […]

purging disorder

2 Handy Tips to identify purging disorder in your loved ones

iousHave you ever seen people purging right after eating food? If yes then do ask them to consult some experienced doctors as it is a serious medical condition called purging disorder that needs an immediate medical care. I know it very well as once I was also suffering from this ailment and my life was […]

purging disorder

5 effective treatments of Purging Disorder in Women

5 effective treatments of Purging Disorder in Women According to a study published by the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA), women are more prone to purging disorder as compared to men. It is further revealed in the same research that around 30 million populations in the U.S. have some kind of eating disorder, and approx. […]

Purging Disorder

Purging Disorder and effective ways of fighting it

An eating disorder that involves ‘purging’ or unhealthy behaviour in order to loose weight, is known as purging disorder.It involves getting rid of food or calories right after they are consumed. It is a form of an addiction. An addiction to loose weight. Anyone could struggle with purging disorder regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or […]

The purging disorder

The purging disorder : 6 Efficient Ways to Recover from it

  The purging disorder is physically and emotionally damaging, whether via vomiting, laxative abuse, or excessive exercise.It’s typical for someone to feel exhilarated and bursting with energy when they begin purging. But over time, the enchantment of the purging disorder wears off, and instead of feeling better, one becomes weak, confused, shaky, queasy, or very […]

Purging disorder

Purging Disorder Issue: 6 Worst Combination of Foods That Can Cause it

Purging disorder issue is one of the most common issues faced by teenagers

Eating Disorders

How NEDA helped me to treat my Purging Disorder?

NEDA helps in solving our psychological and physical health problems.


Purging disorder: How to treat this crazy illness?

Purging disorder creates huge problems for students and teenagers

Eating Disorder

4 Harmful Impacts Of this Purging Eating Disorder

Have you ever heard of an Eating Disorder that can be dangerous for your physical and mental health? Well, let me introduce you to one. Purging Disorder is a widespread eating disorder that can occur in any age group but most frequently occurs in females aged 16-30. As per latest statistics ,eating disorders affect 10 […]

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