7 holistic ways to overcome Nervousness

An upset nervous system can take away the joy from human life. There is an important book The Body Keeps the Score which relates the scientific research stating that stress can be stored in the body. The author Bessel Van Der Kolk claims that “as long as the mind is defending itself against invisible assaults, our closest bonds are threatened, along with our ability to imagine, plan, play, learn and pay attention to other people’s needs”.

Nervousness is one of the invisible assaults of the brain which renders it impossible for people to carry on with their lives normally. Nervous people tend to give up on several opportunities because they do not feel like they will be able to handle the stress. This is why it is necessary to integrate habits that can eliminate nervous stress. Following are some of the holistic approaches which can improve a deregulated nervous system:

Ways to overcome Nervousness


Meditation is recommended by many researchers and practitioners who have seen beneficial results for calming down nerves. Despite knowing that it is useful some people still avoid it because it can be an overwhelming experience to sit with your emotions. It is suggested that if you feel the same way you can start your practice with five minutes of meditation each day until you are able to expand the minutes.

There are different types of meditations and each one helps in eliminating factors that may be causing nervousness. For instance, the author of Brief History of Homo Sapiens, Yuval Noah Harari, practices Vipassana meditation which helps him concentrate on his work and provides him clarity of mind. Those people who get nervous due to a busy routine can benefit from this type of meditation as well.


Yoga is a slow physical movement that can be practiced by people of all ages. It is another way for nervous people to control their stress. It goes without saying that stress is stored in the body if one does not engage in healthy activity. People who start their mornings with yoga practice tend to lead a more positive day compared to those who do not. There are many kinds of yoga that are equally helpful.

One is hatha yoga which especially focuses on helping you to practice resilience and bringing your focus back to important things. It instills the discipline of the mind which can soothe your nerves quickly. Another type of yoga that is often used to claim the back nervous system is ashtanga vinyasa which became famous in the 20th century and has been used for health benefits ever since.

Mindful Habits

All of us become accustomed to our daily habits and forget to be present at the moment. During our breakfast, we are busy thinking about the day ahead. This can be a factor that can upset the nervous system and make it difficult for people to function normally. However, by becoming more mindful of your daily habits you can easily soothe your bodily functions. For instance, being mindful of the process of preparing breakfast can be rewarding in itself. Paying attention to small details such as using your favorite fragrances, eating colorful fruit, and enjoying hobbies can play a huge role in nervous system improvement.

Likewise, you may enjoy creating a night routine to be more mindful. You can add nerve-calming teas like chamomile or lavender to enhance your night routine. You can listen to soothing music or journal to further declutter your mind and calm your nerves before going to sleep.


Health is one thing that should never be neglected especially if you want to improve your nervousness. It is important that your diet provides you with essential nutrients that also provide nervous strength. It is commonly known that leafy greens such as spinach, kale, and celery are nerve relievers. Moreover, fruit and vegetables rich in antioxidants can play a positive role in relieving tension. This can include berries, watermelon, and mandarins.

If you think your dietary habits do not meet nutrient factors you can also add supplements in form of capsules, liquid, and powder. Over time you will find that you are able to control your nerves far better than before. In conclusion, taking care of overall health can eventually assist your goal to overcome your stress and tension.

Fostering Friendships

Many psychiatrists and therapists suggest talking to someone when you are in need of help. People who spend time around like-minded friends and peers tend to grow stronger in life as well. In order to overcome nervousness, you should foster plans to see your friends every once in a while. You can enjoy multiple activities which can relieve stress and make you feel calmer.

Planning healthy and vibrant activities such as going for a hike, painting together, or getting brunch can all be a source of comfort for nervousness. People who spend too much time alone can make themselves nervous by overthinking. However, quality time spent with good company can help you get out of a thought spiral that is making you feel overwhelmed.

Starting Hobbies

Having a hobby that requires a slow process and learning can make an immense difference to nervousness. It is a way of connecting with your creative energies and you can express your emotions in a healthy way. For instance, people that pick up painting can play with different colors and mediums which provide them solace. By the end of the project, they feel calmer and happier.

Likewise, gardening connects you with nature and it can boost your positivity towards life in general. It can also take your mind off of things that are making you nervous for a while until you are ready to confront them. It is important to have little hobbies which you can practice regularly so that you can stay connected with your inner world and navigate through it smartly.

Breathing Techniques

The quickest holistic habit to calm nervousness is breathing techniques that regulate your nerves and heartbeat rate. You can follow the Wim Hof method or 4-7-8 method which are both useful when it comes to controlling jittery nerves. There are several other breathing techniques that allow you to release pent-up stress and let go of harmful thoughts.

Breathing is the way through which we connect with our nervous system. Therefore, taking out some time to align with your breath can facilitate your nerves in a positive manner. Breathing techniques are also recommended by therapists for grounding the nervous system.

Concluding Remarks

In a nutshell, there are many wholesome and holistic ways through which nervousness can be reduced efficiently. Many people that have dealt with problems at a young age find themselves struggling with nerves even during their adult life. However, life can be improved by taking one small step towards healing every day. Learning how to parent your own feelings can generally soothe you and make you feel better instantly.

Even by following these habits for one week, one can notice a huge change in their nervous response to life and situations. It is safe to conclude that holistic methods are tools that you can use on a daily basis to honor your nervous system.

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