Vocational counselors : 4 reasons they are important for youngsters

We are currently living in a highly competitive world as everyone has to work hard for their survival. Young students are not different as they have to face high-level competition after passing out from their respective colleges and universities. Many students face difficulties as they select the wrong educational field and don’t know how to use their knowledge to build their professional careers. Moreover, they also suffer from various psychological issues as they fail to cope with their difficult situations. Therefore, they need a person who can guide them to come out of these problems. Here vocational counselors can solve their problems .

A vocational counselor is a person who can help an individual to develop an integrated image of himself /herself. Moreover, a Vocational counselor can also help an individual identify his/her rightful place in society. They also provide extra help to youngsters to utilize their inherent qualities to become a useful component of society.

Vocational counselors can also help young students to solve their psychological issues by improving their personalities. They do this by building their confidence and guiding them to manage their personal qualities better. The young generation doesn’t give much importance to vocational counseling. However, I will explain its significance by discussing four reasons why vocational counseling is essential for youngsters.

Stress management and vocational counselling

Stress is extremely common in youngsters. According to a study carried out by Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) on 540,000 students aged between 12 – 16 years, 66% of students revealed that they are feeling stressed during their student lives. Youngsters have to face stress due to their strict study routine, job issues, or relationship issues. Youngsters face stress as they are not well prepared for these situations. Therefore, they need a very good vocational counsellor who can guide them to get through these extremely tough situations.

Job transitions and vocational counselling

Young workers face difficulties while transitioning from one job to another job. Since, it’s very difficult for young workers to assimilate into the organizational culture of the new organization. They have to identify the right communication channels to express themselves to their senior management. roles of employees and they have to identify the chain of command. It is difficult to do as sometimes office politics creates issues for new employees . Therefore, learning a new culture is a challenge. Therefore, they urgently need an experienced vocational counselor who could guide them to improve their professional skills. Moreover, they can also guide young employees to grow their career through integrating into the organizational culture of the new company .

Job loss depression and vocational counselling

Covid-19 pandemic has badly affected economies all over the world as millions of people have lost their jobs. Economic downturn has increased mental illnesses in youngsters as they are facing difficulties in coping with tjia new reality. According to ILO’s ‘Youth and Covid-19: impacts on jobs, education, rights and mental well-being’ survey, half of the world’s youth is facing psychological issues such as anxiety or depression. Since, they are not sure about their professional career prospects after Covid-19 pandemic. This survey also recommended taking immediate action to get rid of these psychological issues as soon as possible. In this uncertain situation, the role of vocational counsellors becomes extremely important as they are trained professionals who can better guide unemployed youth.

Self-esteem improvement through vocational counselling

Self-esteem is a very important component of the human personality. It is the subjective evaluation of an individual’s own worth. This evaluation can be negative or positive. It can create various feelings of despair, pride, triumph or shame in Young students and young professionals.

Self esteem plays an important role in career development. People with low self esteem don’t know how to pace their professional career. They just stuck in their current situation and think that guy cant move up the career ladder. Vocational counsellors can help young professionals to remove obstacles in the way of their professional success.

Bottom line

Youngsters should understand that vocational counselling is very important for their career progression. They should make an effort to search for good vocational counsellors before jumping into the educational or professional fields. Vocational counselors can help them select appropriate educational fields through identifying their inherent skills and capabilities. They can guide students to know what is right for them. Vocational counselors could also help young students to convince their parents about their interests and capabilities. Therefore, this helps them to select their favorite professional career.

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