1 Tola gold price in Pakistan

Factors affecting 1 tola gold price in Pakistan this week


Pakistanis love to invest in gold due to its cultural and economic significance. They consider it a safe investment, especially during times of economic uncertainty, inflation, and currency devaluation.Therefore,1 tola gold price in Pakistan has touched its highest mark as people flocked to invest in the lucrative gold market. However, not many people know factors behind its price movements and how to predict its value.

If you are gold investor and want to know what moves 1 tola gold price in Pakistan, then keep reading on as we would be discussing factors affecting bullion market in Pakistan.

Global gold demand

The global demand and supply for gold plays a significant role in determining its price in Pakistan. High global demand directly increases the gold price in Pakistan.

Market experts predict a negative demand for the gold and its prices are expected to slide more in next two to four weeks. Therefore, they believe that international gold prices might touch $ 1800/ounce in next few weeks.

According to them, improvement in the US inflation and unemployment rate would force Federal reserve to  cut its policy rate. And that would influence gold prices in the international market. Similarly, downward international price trend will continue to affect the local Pakistani precious metals market.

USD to PKR exchange rate

The exchange rate will play an important role in influencing the gold price in Pakistan. Pakistan has to import gold in order to fulfill its domestic demand. Therefore, appreciation in the dollar value increases the bullion value in the country. If the USD to PKR exchange rate goes up, the gold price in Pakistan will also go up. For instance : The dollar to rupee exchange rate went up after ishaq dar decided to remove the cap on the dollar value. In the matter of just few days ,it rose up from Rs 225/dollar to Rs 265/dollar.  Consequently ,it also increased 1 tola gold price in Pakistan from Rs 187000 to Rs 208400 in matter of few days.

Now money experts again expect that dollar value might rise in upcoming days due to deteriorating local economic and political environment. And that can begin another good time for gold investors.


Inflation is another factor that affects the 1 tola gold price in Pakistan. If inflation in Pakistan is high, it can lead to a rise in the precious metals’ prices as investors look for a safe haven for their investments. According to the statistics gathered by the  rate of inflation has been 39.41% for the people earning monthly income of over  Rs 44,176. Pakistani government has recently imposed new taxes of 170 billion through a mini-budget that will further increase inflation. However, it could prove to be blessing in disguise for the bullion market as investors consider gold as a hedge against the inflationary pressure. Therefore, it might push 1 tola gold price in Pakistan upwards in upcoming days.

Political and economic stability

PTI chairman Imran Khan has announced a Jail bharo movement to protest against the brutal state treatment of the opposition members. Experts believe that this political and economic instability will create uncertainty. Therefore, it will push the  gold price in Pakistan upwards as more and more people will tend to buy bullion assets to diversify their risks.

What to do next?

Investors should carefully evaluate their investment goals and risk appetite before investing in gold. As.1 tola gold price in Pakistan can rise and fall anytime .Therefore, It is recommended to consult with a financial advisor or investment professional before making any investment decisions in the gold market.


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