7 Things That Will Drive Covert Narcissists Crazy

You can never have a moment of extreme weirdness unless you are surrounded by narcissists. Being in an environment with these individuals can cause you to lose your sanity. Their weird personality can drive an individual crazy in a matter of time. They exhibit mean and self-centered behaviors such as emotional manipulation, victimhood, and social isolation.

Narcissism is a personality disorder (NPD) that generates negative traits, making it difficult to deal with narcissistic individuals who constantly seek validation and acceptance. Narcissists lack empathy to the core and always take others for granted due to their sense of entitlement.

Delving deeper into the psychological perspective, research corroborates that ‘narcissism falls along the axis of personality disorders, which includes antisocial, dependent, histrionic, avoidant, and borderline personalities. However, narcissism is often considered one of the worst because narcissists themselves are often clueless about their behavior’ as stated by Jeffrey Kluger.

Similarly, there is a sub-type of narcissists known as covert narcissists, exhibiting many characteristics similar to narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). The list of weird things covert narcissists do includes playing victim cards, displaying passive-aggressive behaviors, and obsessing about their reputation.

The weirdest thing that a covert narcissist does is that they never want you to excel in any aspect of your life. They depend on manipulation to hinder your progress and derail your focus. Moreover, they use phrases that show dominance over others. They are cold and show no generosity. They can easily manipulate anyone whenever they want.

In this article, we will delve deeper into the things that truly drive a covert narcissist crazy. Here are 7 weird things covert narcissists do when driven crazy.

1.   Being rejected

Underneath a fragile and immature ego, a covert narcissist fears rejection, which they perceive as abandonment. This fear triggers their narcissistic traits, and their reaction may be less overt or more subtle due to their covert nature. Rejection generates a mentality of victimhood and the need for reassurance in a covert narcissist. Therefore, a covert narcissist can never stand a single chance of rejection. Their irrational beliefs make them the most fake human beings to ever exist in this universe. Therefore, we can say that fake behavior is also included in the list of weird things covert narcissists do.

2.   Challenging their sense of entitlement

Refusing to validate their ego poses a challenge to their fragile self-esteem, which covert narcissists despise. They often claim superiority over others, which is absurd to admit. Challenging their perceived superiority can have consequences that drive them crazy. A covert narcissist thinks they are entitled to have everything sorted out for them if something doesn’t seem appealing to them. This implies that these people are generally the cruelest species.

3.   Saying NO

Oh no! Wait a minute, saying NO to a covert narcissist? You can never do that! In fact, you are never supposed to deny their choices and decisions because, in their eyes, they are the best human beings without a doubt. Saying no to them can trigger weird things covert narcissists do to save their egos. As, they believe they don’t make mistakes. Saying no to them would make them go crazy because it threatens their sense of superiority. It challenges their need for attention and validation, making them fear losing control. Covert narcissists are intolerant individuals who struggle to accept that others are no longer available to them.

4.   Lack of attention

Let me take you back to a time when I was dealing with one of these people. And my lack of attention really pissed them off! Seriously, they can never be ignored or denied. Covert narcissists constantly seek approval and validation from others. Not being the center of attention unsettles and triggers them, as it makes them fear their inability to exploit and dominate. Whether they are your parents, siblings, or partners, they all seek validation and rarely respect boundaries. Lack of attention can trigger weird things covert narcissists do to get some attention.

5.   Criticism

Ever tried to confront or criticize a covert narcissist? Try it! You will see how confronting a covert narcissist about their negative behaviors and holding them accountable can drive them crazy. They cannot tolerate criticism as it disrupts their desired outcomes, which they often achieve through manipulative tactics. It is crucial to recognize these techniques; they frequently criticize others but cannot handle criticism directed at their self-centered ego. We should understand that even a little bit of criticism can initiate weird things that covert narcissists do while saving their reputation.

6.   Losing control

Just like everything else, a covert narcissist can never make you lose yourself. Because deep inside, they seek validation and approval from you. I know you must be wondering why they feel the need to fake everything so intensely, and I wonder too. Such difficult personalities to understand! Anyway, let’s dive into the consequences they face when they lose control. Losing control drives them crazy because there is a reduction in narcissistic supply or when reality does not align with the image they have created in their minds. Covert narcissists may experience a range of negative emotions. These individuals have a strong need for control, and any loss of it can drive them crazy.

7.   Seeing others contented

Let me tell you another fact about covert narcissists. They never want you to compete with them as they hate it when you win. They hate it when you are creating your own life without them and staying happy about it. Creating distance from a covert narcissist undermines their irrational beliefs and false accusations, which can drive them crazy. They cannot bear to see others at peace and believe that without them, you should be living a miserable life. In their eyes, your happiness is dependent on them, so seeing you happy and contented without their involvement bothers them greatly.

Final words

Dealing with a covert narcissist is one of the hardest things in life. They are incredibly mean and self-centered individuals. Mental health professionals often recommend seeking professional help to ensure a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle, especially when dealing with weird things covert narcissists do. Personal growth and self-actualization are crucial for living happily, empowering you to cut off negative individuals from your life. Remember, you don’t need anyone else’s  opinions as you have the power to create a better life for yourself.

It is important to limit contact and interactions with individuals who destroy your emotional and physical well-being through the weird things covert narcissists do. By practicing detachment, establishing clear boundaries, and disengaging from draining conversations, you can drive a covert narcissist crazy because they will lose their target for manipulation, and you will no longer be fooled.

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