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Apple Juice Dreams vivid or not ?


Apple juice is delicious, but you might have had some bizarre dreams if you’ve ever fallen asleep after drinking it. Apple Juice Dreams , or Apple Juice Headaches as it’s known in the medical community, is a condition caused by consuming apple juice before bedtime. The symptoms can be anything from unusual sleep patterns to full-blown nightmares that are hard to shake off when you wake up in the morning. 

If you also a fan of Apple juice ,then keep reading on as we will discuss Apple juice and its ability to cause weird dreams .Moreover, we will also offer few tips for avoiding negative effects. 

 The Science Behind the Apple Juice Dreams

Medical specialists believe that one reason apple juice can cause strange dreams is that your brain becomes overloaded with sugar during sleep. Apple juice contains a lot of sugar, which means that when you drink it before bedtime, your brain has an excess of energy that needs to be used up before sleep.


In addition to that , as per 2006 study by apple juice increases the levels of acetylcholine in the brain . It is a chemical that has more than one role in the brain. This molecule exists in large quantities in the hippocampus in the REM sleep cycle also known as paradoxical sleep phase. It’s during this sleep phase you would have more chances of getting dreams about flying ponies. Or having visions that can be declared  as “intense”.

Additionally,you have to keep in mind that during REM sleep cycle. Your hippocampus depicts much higher activity than the time when we are awake. It is chemical that has also a capability  to play a prime role in supporting your episodic memory. By letting you to remember for years many important events in your routine life. Since this mechanism is strongly exists in our daily dreams. Therefore, many people tend to form a correlation between and that seems quite obvious.

vivid dreams

In addition , there are many people in the scientific community who also believe that there is a a deep connection between both of them.

What you can do about it?

Some people love to have weird apple juice dreams but there are plenty of individuals those want to avoid this phenomenon at all costs. If you want to avoid these weird apple juice dreams, you can limit your intake of sugar before bedtime by eating a light dinner or snacking on something with a lower glycemic index, like yoghurt, cottage cheese, hummus, or an apple. And don’t drink anything with caffeine in it either because it keeps you up at night.

It turns out that apple juice can be too acidic for some people. Drinking it in the middle of the night can make your stomach feel queasy and give you apple juice dreams. Avoid drinking any juices close to bedtime if possible. Stick with water or milk and avoid spicy food before bed to ensure you get a good night’s dreams!


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