Swagbucks:3 reasons why it is best earning option for students

High school or college students always want to earn easy money. However, they didn’t have enough opportunities to do so in the past. The Internet has opened doors to numerous earning opportunities for high school and college students.Few days ago I came across a very interesting website named Swagbucks. It is a very popular and well renowned American rewards and loyalty company. This company is operated by Prodege, LLC, which is headquartered in El Segundo, California. It offers very interesting and entertaining ways of earning easy money.
Swagbucks is a website which offers money to its users for doing micro jobs . Its users can easily earn money by answering surveys, watching videos, discovering offers, searching the web and playing interesting games. The users cab earn 1-2$ per day by using the its app or website.

I will discuss 3 reasons it offers the best earning opportunities for the high school students.

Swagbucks members earn precious points known as SB. Later on these points can be redeemed for cash from Paypal or gift vouchers from Amazon,Zolando, Marks & Spencer, Argos and other popular brands.

Flexible working hours of Swagbucks

Seagbucks offers flexible working hours for the freelancers. Students can earn 1 to 2 dollars per day by working 2 to 3 hours in their free time. An average student should plan to earn 100 to 200 swagbucks points daily. Here 200 Swagbucks points =2 $. Therefore, students can earn 2 $ by attempting surveys, watching videos or playing easily.

Entertaining way of earning through Swagbucks

Students can earn easy money through watching their favorite videos or by playing their favorite games on Swagbucks. Therefore, I am quite sure they can’t find a more entertaining way of earning money. Students can use their leisure time for playing games or watching videos on its app or website .

Effective reward and loyalty System

Swagbucks has introduced a very innovative and creative reward and pay system for its users. According to a business insider report, it has paid approximately 250 million dollars in rewards since 2008. The Swagbucks user can redeem earned points in the form of Amazon gift cards, Paypal cash and Zalando shopping cards. For instance : An average user can earn 25 euro by redeeming its 2775 swagbucks points.

Swagbucks member recognition program is a very effective loyalty program .Its members can easily enroll for this loyalty program.However ,members from United States, Canada, England, and Australia.can join this program .

Swagbucks member recognition program recognizes loyalty to Swagbucks according to lifetime SB earned. This Program is an important component its commitment to create rewarding moments and infuse “fun” into the Swagbucks user experience.The Program provides 10 Levels of recognition, ranging from Pearl to Diamond. The benefits increase with every increasing level .

The Crux of the matter

Undoubtedly, Swagbucks is one of the easiest ways to earn money for high school and college students. However, students must keep in their minds that it is not a website for people who want to earn money from freelancing for making a living. Actually, it is a good website for students who want to earn extra cash as their pocket money or they can have enough money for financing their studies. Moreover, young users have to be extremely patient while earning points from Swagbucks. Since it takes time to convert points into a solid cash.

Students should be aware of the search engine points system of the website. They have to learn tricks to earn maximum points from their search engine usage activities. Swagbucks is currently available in a few countries. The list of these countries includes the United Kingdom, United States of America, New Zealand, India, Germany, Spain, France, and Australia. This is an important factor which limits the earning scope of the Website.

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