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“Understanding Covert Narcissism: Common Phrases That Reveal Hidden Abuse”

Do you feel like your actions are always being questioned?  Do you feel like you are losing control of your sanity? This feeling of being always on the edge induced by the Covert Narcissists you have in your surroundings. You may ignore the signs of hidden abuse in the name of their love and caring, […]

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Covert narcissism: 5 reasons covert narcissist is difficult to handle for relatives

The word narcissist is used to describe anyone who seems a bit self-involved. People with narcissistic personality disorder are distracted with their own success and have a great sense of self-importance that impacts their decision-making interactions. A covert narcissism is condition in which a person shows symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) but often hides […]


11 Effective Tips to Overcome Hidden Struggles of Daughters of Covert Narcissist Mothers

Nancy was born after 4 years of her parent’s marriage and like all daughters she always expected a true love from her mother. As the oldest daughter, she recalls her mother’s behavior as hot and cold (Covert Narcissist Mothers). Her father was keen to pamper the children but her mother’s tantrums were never in line […]

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Covert Narcissist Mother :4 Effective Ways to Navigate a Relationship with her as an Adult”

Adulthood is the time when you realize how your parents covered extra miles to raise you . You become more and more sensitive about the sacrifices your Mother made for you.  Yet, unfortunately, not every child makes it to adulthood with positive parenting, some adults carry memories of childhood trauma and vindictively Narcissistic mothering. In […]

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What Covert Narcissists Say to Gaslight You: Recognize the Signs

Have you ever realized your partner is blatantly questioning your weaknesses during an argument? You must have experienced this once in your life when you are unable to understand why your partner or family members start doing personal attacks amid arguments and force you to question your sanity during altercations are things just Covert Narcissists […]

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10 Telltale Things Covert Narcissists say in an Argument

Have you ever argued with someone who telltale so picturesquely that you take a moment to process your stance?You thought of labeling someone’s toxic behavior, which made you stuck into an argument but your mind failed to find the perfect word. On the other hand, you felt so done with someone’s vindictiveness but have no […]


11 Reasons Covert Narcissists Love Betraying Their Partners

Shawn and Claire have been a living a happy life as partners for the past two years however; recently Claire has seen some strange changes, as Shawn is more reticent with his phone, mostly chatting with unknown female profiles. When Claire shared that with her Mum, she suggested her to communicate with Shawn, and ask […]


9 Weird Things Covert Narcissists Do to Gain Control of Their Partners

Has it ever occurred to you that the person you are dating is slightly self-absorbed? Welcome to the hidden narcissistic universe. Though they frequently go unnoticed, covert narcissists can have a profound effect on a relationship. Relationships can be silently destroyed by covert narcissism, which leaves partners feeling misunderstood, deceived, and in control. If one […]

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6 Weird things covert narcissists do to outsmart you

  Have you ever styled your best and your friend shared a backhanded compliment? Have you ever received a valuable gift from your partner but later found the giver is breaching your boundaries? Are you working with a manager who calls it teamwork but never contributes? Narcissistic Personality; Overt Narcissists and Covert Narcissists Covert Narcissists […]


11 Weird Things Covert Narcissists Do To Protect Themselves

Have you ever encountered an argument with someone who abruptly changed their behavior to protect themselves? Have you been living with somebody who shifts his or her statements and emotions all at once? These are the people who are known as covert narcissists. They are the people who suddenly change and leave you in shock […]


11 Things Covert Narcissists Do to Twist Reality in Courtroom

With its devious and manipulative nature, covert narcissism can have a big effect in courtrooms where justice and truth are of the utmost importance. Covert narcissists may use a variety of deceptive techniques in the courtroom to falsify truth and alter decisions in their favor. Ensuring fair and reasonable legal proceedings requires an understanding of […]

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Breaking Free: 3 Strategies for Recognizing and Dealing with Covert Narcissists

At some point in time, we have all been in close contact with a covert narcissist. How to know you’re dealing with a covert narcissist? Well, it’s no easy task to point one out, but you sure can recognize a covert narcissist by the weird things they do.In relationship with a covert narcissist, you feel […]