Nervousness :5 ways to cope it during public speaking

Are you a young student and preparing for your first public speaking activity? Are you feeling nervousness as you don’t feel comfortable while facing an audience? Following are some time-tested techniques or ways to overcome this condition during public speaking.

 Select a subject You are Passionate About

Young speakers must select a topic about which they are passionate. It is important as it would make it easier for them to prepare and speak on it. It would also keep them motivated and would also help them to overcome nervousness during public speaking.
They must also make sure that other people are getting benefit from your speech as it would help you in your future speeches.
You must combine your passions with your wishes to improve others’ lives to overcome your nervousness and enhance your confidence in front of the public.

Prepare yourself and show some organization

Young speakers have to face nervousness as they are not often prepared for the speech.
In addition, they also have to keep themselves calm and organized during public speaking activities.
A newbie or experienced speaker can easily do this by making notes of the main topic. Then, he or she must also outline the main points of the speech in these notes. A speaker must emphasize writing a strong and enticing introduction as it helps in grabbing the attention of your audience within the first 30 seconds.
If you are planning to utilize visual aids, then you must get them together and practice using them. You must have a complete understanding of where you will place them during your speech.
You also have to prepare for your speech so well that you would answer any possible question asked by the audience.
You have to make sure that your gadgets are working fine. Moreover, you must be familiar with your laptop, tablet, or phone and you must know how to cast your screen or run a projector if that is what you will be using.
Finally, you should gather complete information about the presentation area as it would help you what to expect from it. You must know about the audience and its capacity to ask questions about your given topic. In addition, you must also know the time of your speech.

Practice makes the man perfect

Practice makes the man perfect. You should practice the content of speech as much as you can. The majority of people practice in front of the mirror to overcome their nervousness and fear of public speaking.
Elbert Hubbard once said, “The only way to learn to speak is to speak and speak, and speak and speak, and speak and speak and speak.”
The young speakers can write out a script of the key points, but they don’t have to read from the script word by word.
They have to prepare for expected questions . Other than they have must know their audience as an intelligent speaker always researches the expected audience before going for the speech.
Therefore, you should have complete knowledge about the audience and their capabilities to ask questions.

Always focus on your material rather than on your audience

Speaker must focus on the content of his/her speech rather than fearing the audience and its questions. You must be careful that your nervousness is not evident from your body language as it can really create problems for yourself.

Recognize your abilities and past successes

Speaker must recognize his abilities before going for the presentation. As it would help him/her to gain some confidence and it would also decrease the nervousness.

Get support

 People can also get support from some experienced speakers or training group that offers support for people who face issues with public speaking. For instance:  Toastmasters is an effective and useful nonprofit organization with local chapters that focuses on training people in developing speaking and leadership skills.

Bottom line

Young speakers must not fear nervousness or anxiety as it is a normal condition in public speaking. They should face it with passion, fearlessness, and confidence.
The above-mentioned tips are very effective for people who seriously want to overcome their nervousness. It means that they have to apply these tips with passion and zeal without showing any carelessness.

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