Netflix: 4 Important ways in which it Impacts Youth?

Netflix is a subscription-based, online streaming service that offers a wide range of award-winning movies, tv-shows, web-series, anime, documentaries, cartoons, and much more. 

According to a database website   statista, currently Netflix has over 195 million paid subscriptions worldwide. Netflix’s 2020 income so far is around $1.2 billion. It is mainly popular among the young generation, as 65% of 18-29-year-old use Netflix in the US. This data is sufficient to show the growing addiction of youth towards Netflix. 

Number of Netflix Paid Subscribers Worldwide 2020 (in millions )

Researchers have observed that the constant influx of shows on Netflix has drawn binge-watchers from all over the world. Resultantly, distracting them from their day-to-day tasks. It uploads full series online. Therefore , users no longer have to wait for a whole week to watch an episode of their favorite television show. Teens and young adults are using it to affect how they spend their time usually. These series and shows are distracting youth from their goals and responsibilities. It’s high time that we discuss the its impact on youth. 

“The Netflix Effect” on Youth

Our  generation justifies spending time in front of the television or phone screen for multiple reasons. Young adults want to relieve stress and tiredness after a hectic day at work so that they can wake up charged and energetic the next day. It is an everyday routine. 

People return from work, open Netflix, and start watching a series. They usually intend to watch one or two episodes, but they lose track of time. They get so indulged in their favorite tv shows that they spend hours watching it without even realizing their lost hours. The people lose track of time while binge-watching it and this thing  is known as The Netflix Effect

When these youngsters complete one episode of the series, they get curious to find out what will happen next. Therefore, then they continue with the next episode. That very episode builds even more suspense that they are eager to finish watching the next one. Then the cycle repeats until they complete an entire series. It consumes hours and hours of the days and nights. 

Teens and young adults are increasingly becoming victims of The Netflix Effect. It is causing them to lose their grades, and they are unable to wake up for college or university due to which they miss their classes. Moreover , they gaining weight as they don’t like doing physical activity  In addition to that , they also  isolate themselves from friends and family. 

Netflix and Chill

Netflix and online shows streaming have become very popular among teens and college students over the last couple of years. I am a university student with a vast friend circle, and I can see its firsthand effect on my friends, and fellow students. 

There is a common term, “Netflix and Chill.” There is no exact definition of term, but it simply means inviting your partner or an opposite gender person to your place, put on a random Netflix show, and start making out while episode after episode plays in the background. It is astounding to see how teens and young adults are integrating it into their college and university lifestyle. 

This Netflix and Chill thing is mainly a trend in the regions, including the US, Canada, UK, Europe, etc. Nowadays, It is the biggest distraction for teens and college students. Most of them tend to prioritize watching it over their academics and other extracurricular activities. It isn’t delightful to witness young adults indulging in activities like Netflix and Chill rather than focusing on their career goals, social relationships, and personal development. 

At Work

Netflix at work? Seriously? Well, yes!

Netflix doesn’t just seem to affect the college lifestyle or day to day activities of our young generation but also those at work. The workplaces are no more immune to the this problem of binge-watching.

As per a survey conducted by Netflix a few months back, 37% of the respondents agreed to watch it at work. 12% of the respondents agreed to use it from the restroom. Perhaps, some of them are watching it from the bathroom. We don’t know for sure. Thank God! 

With every passing day, young or newly recruited employees are catching Netflix addiction and disrupting a workplace’s decorum. A few days back, my dad told me about the recent addition of a clause in their application form that said something like,” This is not a Netflix job!’. Imagine! 

A lot of employees spend their work time watching Netflix rather than focusing on their performance at the office, which can adversely affect their chances of promotion and successful career. However, some employees can no longer get away with binge-watching or even taking an extended lunch break to watch their favorite show, and I suppose that is reasonably justified. While I love watching my favorite shows on Netflix like everyone else, the fact that people involved in binge watching at work is a real head-scratcher and should be restricted!

Netflix and Health

Netflix is the most common pastime activity amongst youth lately, but it can also be harmful to your health. Before you curl up for your next Netflix show, let me tell you a few things. 

  • Binge-watching is like a drug addiction. When you are involved in an activity that you enjoy, your brain releases a chemical known as dopamine, a substance that makes you feel good, and it results in a “high” similar to that caused by the drugs. This addiction can negatively impact your relationships, commitments, and goals. You may struggle with controlling how much time you spend on Netflix, or you may feel the need to increase your time on Netflix to achieve the same level of satisfaction. 
  • Excessive Netflixing can isolate you. It disconnects you from the world. With the Netflix application’s availability, it is easier to retreat to your corner of the house and zone out for hours on your phone, tablet, or laptop.
  • Watching back to back episodes can interfere with your ability to sleep and thus disturbs your sleep cycle. You remain drained and fatigued throughout the day. A study discovered that binge-watching could result in anxiety and depression. It can also cause back problems and a bigger waistline due to poor posture . Moreover ,it also shrinks the lungs’ capacity by a third. 

Bottom line….

Over time, Netflix has become something that affects teens and young adults in various aspects of daily life. The idea of binge-watching is robbing off the valuable time that they can spend doing something productive. Average households are struggling with The Netflix Effect while college students are dealing with the Netflix and Chill concept of dating. On the other hand, offices struggle to maintain discipline amongst their employees to focus solely on work during work hours. However, Netflix doesn’t have to turn into something negative. It is a great stress-reliever and an excellent way to spend quality time watching shows and movies with friends and family. However, the real challenge is to strike a balance between Netflix and managing other daily tasks and academics. Excess of anything is harmful. Therefore, like other things, watching it should also be done in moderation.  

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