Dreams : 5 Interesting Tips to Recall Vivid Dreams


Do you know about 12% of people see vivid dreams in black and white? Dreams are an important part of our lives? Most people see them with their open eyes but dreaming while sleeping is also important which reflects our unconscious desires.

Dreams are of several types, for example, normal dreams, lucid, false awakening, vivid nightmares, etc. Well, it doesn’t matter if you remember dreams or not, but most people daily dream whilst REM.

This post is about recalling vivid dreams. The definition of vivid dreams is the dreams we remember easily because they are been dreamed during REM sleep. And it is super intense that it feels very clear, that’s why it is called vivid dreaming.

What are Vivid Dreams?
Mostly, people confuse vivid dreaming with nightmares. Normally, nightmares seem to appear in children. When a normal human being sleeps, the brain stays active thus we experience dreams.

The nature of dreams varies amongst individuals. It can be relaxing, nice, soothing, or can be terrifying. Most of the time people don’t believe that they dream. It is because they forget their dreams as they wake up! But on the other hand, some people may remember their dreams very clearly, it happens due to their strong intensity.
These dreams are referred to as vivid dreams. And it can be seen by all types of people. They can be scary nightmares or just normal dreams.

But there are some dreams which a person can feel are not real and they are dreaming, such dreams are called lucid dreams.

Causes of Vivid Dreams

We all know that sleep is very important for our health. It is an essential element for our bodies to work effectively. Sleep deprivation is also a reason for vivid dreams.
Vivid dreams are caused by several other reasons too which include alcohol, drugs, pregnancy, traumas, poor mental health, and sleep disorders like narcolepsy. Narcolepsy is a condition in which the person is very tired and exhausted throughout the day. In this order, there is almost no difference between sleeping and waking up.

Alcohol users can have vivid dreams often. Plus medications have always side effects s. Using too many medicines can cause vivid dreams or you can catch these people often daydreaming.
Also, people with depression, pregnancy, and bad mental health are often supposed to have nightmares and vivid dreams.

Prevention from Vivid Dreams

As we have seen above the condition of pregnancy or some temporary stress, vivid dreams will vanish on their own. However, it is advised to take care of your diet and stay away from marijuana, alcohol, or other substances to notice positive changes.

Interesting Tips to Recall Dreams:

Humans have always been curious about dreams. But did you ever ask yourself a question, why do most of us not remember our dreams on certain mornings, and on certain mornings we remember all of it?
Or if our dreams have any meaning?
Ok so let us answer thee questions now. To understand these things we have to understand the sleep cycle!

So let us have a close look at it. There are four most common stages
● Stage1: It is a period between awakening and sleep. It is for a maximum of 10 minutes.
● Stage 2:In this stage, heart rate, and body temperature fall, and the brain start to produce signals to let the body know its time to sleep.
● Stage 3: Here muscle starts relaxing, and blood pressure starts being slow. This is where the deepest sleep occurs.
● Stage 4: REM sleep, This is the stage where the brain starts to be active.

Vivid dreams are often easy to remember because vivid dreams are created, during REM sleep. And in REM we have our brains more active. But to recall dreams only REM sleep is not important, there are some other factors involved too. One of the important factors is trying to remember your dreams as soon as you are awakened.. The memory of dreams is so fragile that can be forgotten in a matter of seconds.
The best practice can be trying to recall the dream as soon as you wake up. Otherwise, it will go away to prepare you for the rest of the day, just like we format the USB to enhance its memory.

But by doing some conscious efforts, we can them remember for a long time. The key point is that if a person is trying to remember the dreams right after waking up daily, it can be better and there will be fewer chances to forget them.
Recalling dreams can be also dependent on personalities, age, sex, interest in dreams, and brain activity.

Here are some interesting and useful tips to recall our dreams. Well, I should say it is not easy at all to recall dreams. But just with the help of these easy tips, recalling dreams can get easier. Consistency and adapting little habits can set you in a far better place.
Usually, after waking up we remember some parts of our dreams. But mostly it is just a feeling, an emotion that enfolds us without any other description. There’s no doubt you would have to pay the price but it will be worth it.

And below are some tips to recall dreams better:

  1. Get better sleep
  2. Observe sleep cycles
  3. Limit movements
  4. Dream Journal
  5. Mantra
  6. Dietary Changes
  7. Look for patterns

Get Better Sleep:

Sleep is no doubt important for good health, and it has been observed that it helps recall dreams better too. Usually, it’s recommended to have slept for 6 -7 hours every night, but of course, considering other parameters, one can also live normally on 4 hours of sleep too.

But if you want to recall dreams you should be trying to get more sleep and see the difference. As I have stated earlier, there are four sleep stages. One stage lasts for like one and a half hours. So if you will sleep less, the stages will be shorter and hence your dreams too.

Observe Your Sleep Cycles

If you sleep up to 8 hours, you are going to experience almost 4 dreams every night. But the fact is only the dream you dreamed of in the last stage will be the one you are going to remember.

But you can also record the stages of sleep by using sleep trackers, that way you are going to be more aware of your dreaming time. But Experts recommend that you can sleep for 4 hours and then wake up by using an alarm clock. This is another way you can monitor the pattern of your dreams.

But it is not recommended to do it more often. Plus if you have any sleep disorder, or if you have any problems with sleeping again, then do not try this at all.

Limit Movements:

As long as you wake up, the entire world is to distract you from recalling your dreams. So the best practice is to keep your alarm clock by the side of your bed. Keep the alarm ring soft and calmer. Stay in your position and try to recall.

If you will follow these simple things you are more likely to master this science.

Dream Journal:

It might not sound effective but trust me with that, it is more effective than you think. Try keeping a dream journal. You can have it close enough and don’t need to leave the bed. Make it easier for you and you will not be lazy.

In the beginning, if you do not remember the entire dream, write about any phrase or dialogue you might remember. If not a phrase, you must remember the song playing in the background. Start writing and starting from small, it will gradually improve.


Tell yourself before sleeping, that you need to recall your dreams when you will wake up. This is a simple technique but it works. Giving your brain tasks can make it active and will keep you conscious and more aware.

Results are going to surprise you. Giving you a bonus tip here, meditate in the morning, or just keep visualizing that the first hour right after you wake up is very important for you to stay on track. You will see the difference in your life if you adopt this habit. Small habits can change the quality of your life and the way you perceive life.

Dietary Changes:

If you think all the above techniques are nothing more than a hassle and you want to know some recalling dreams too, try making changes in your diet. For example, try using rosemary mary oil. it is a memory booster and can help you remember things for a longer duration.
Mugwort tea is also helpful. Exp[erts recommend trying foods with amino acids in excess too.

Look for Patterns:

Look closely at your sleep patterns in coordination with the evening schedule. What time or what evening schedule gives ou good sleep. If you will pay close attention to all of these, you can easily recall your dreams.


Dreams are good to remember and it says a lot about our daily exposures. Recalling dreams is not a very difficult art. But if you will follow these tips you can make your life more interesting and will be able to connect to your inner self better.

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