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    5 Reasons Eustress Helps Us To Grow


    When someone talks about stress, people hit an idea of depression, negativity, tension, pain, grief, and hassle. Stress is not a negative aspect every time. There is a positive aspect of stress as well, which helps us to grow more confidently. The positive terminology of stress is known as Eustress. 

    Eu is derived from the Greek word that means good and well. Combining it with stress makes the term positive stress.

    Eustress is a stable mental condition in which the person suffers thoroughly with positive sense, excitement, suspense, and extraordinary intellectual behavior. Suppose you are watching a scary scene in a movie and there is a feeling of fear to save a girl from the murder, your mind gets perplexed, your heartbeat fastens, and there is a boost of adrenaline level in your body, and you feel stress and excitement. Yes, this is Eustress. This emphatic condition helps you to grow physically, mentally, psychologically, and socially.

    This aspect is not harmful as distress. It doesn’t leave devastating effects on the human being. Instead, it develops motivation, confidence, and eagerness to move forward assertively. 


    How does Eustress have a positive effect on us?

    Stress has a positive effect on humans. Ridiculous ah, but not always. Some pressure is helpful to grow us confidently. It encourages us to take heights, drive into experience, take challenges, learn more, and renovate things. Eustress is beneficial for one by growing sharply. Take a look at the following 5 Reasons Eustress helps us to grow.

    1. Eustress Boosts Brain Power.

    Eustress is the positive stress response. Stress enriches our memory cells of the brain, and we capture and perceive the things clearly which we face under pressure, either positive or negative. Remember your first bicycle ride or the good marks you got in your 5th standard?

    These memories are stored as a flashback in your brain’s hippocampus because of your concentrated and focused moment.

    Negative stress declines your brainpower, while positive pressure makes your brain work efficiently—Eustress releases neurotrophin, which nourishes our neurons and boosts our learning skills and brainpower. 

    2. Eustress helps us to polish our academic career

    Eustress has proven fruitful for our educational career and social life as it enhances our learning scope of the brain. Positive pressure might be what we need to complete a task at work. Dr. Shelton says:

    “Consider a cut-off time: It’s looking straight at us, and it will animate our conduct to deal with the happening viably, quickly, honestly, and all the more profitably. The key is seeing unpleasant circumstances as a test that you can meet instead of a mind-boggling, impassable road restraint.”

    Eustress assists you with entering a condition of “stream,” an uplifted feeling of mindfulness and complete retention into a movement, as indicated by research from analyst Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. The stream can be accomplished in the work environment, in sports, or in an innovative undertaking (like playing a musical instrument). Csikszentmihalyi contends that it’s driven generally by force to succeed.

    3. Eustress develops emotions

    Emotions are genuine feelings that make our life an alliance of happiness, sadness, eagerness, and struggle. Our feelings are the game of our emotions or in-depth hormones.

    Eustress makes us emotionally active. Sometimes we are confident to do a challenge. This confidence develops motivation and determination to stick to our mission. People under Eustress are emotionally developed. Eustress enriches positive thoughts of inspiration, contentment, motivation, and perseverance. These types of people are rich in empathy, determination, and go-forward attitude.

    4. Eustress helps us to grow physically.

     A lazy rabbit never gets biceps. Eustress develops motivation and eagerness to complete our tasks and endure activity. This approach helps us to grow as we make challenging, healthy workouts. We take confident, visible steps to relax in’ our cruises. This positive pressure enables us to grow physically. 

    When our body is under stress, either positive or negative, it probably prepares us for the injury or infection. This behavior releases interleukins in our body and mobilizes immune cells.

    5. Eustress makes us more liable and resilient

    Resilience is something that is not born with us. Since It develops with time and the struggles we made during the dark times of life. Resilience helps us to grow emotionally. 

    Eustress makes us more liable and resilient. A mild level of stressor makes us tough to face realities and sharpens us mentally and emotionally. We smoothly handle the pumping situations.

    Dr. Sheleton says: Although you face events of mild stress, it will develop the Physical and psychological control that helps you establish healthy stress control in the future.



    Eustress vs. Distress

    Stress might be of two types, either positive or negative. It depends upon conditions and our mental state.

    Eustress is positive stress that develops strength in us and motivates us to encounter challenging steps. It encourages us to take heights and face hard times. Eustress is helpful for our mental, physical, and social growth, and we become successful people in life. Moreover, it neither leaves any adverse effect on our brain nor body. 

    On the other hand, distress is the negative side of stress. This condition develops a negative approach. We fall prey to minor criticism and live most of our lives as depressed and afraid people. It pulls us back from moving forward. We face difficulty while encountering the challenges of life. Distress leads us to depression, anxiety, and negativity.

    Top Features of Eustress:

    It motivates, raises excitement, increases focus, and helps prepare us for future challenges.


    Top Features of Distress:

    • It lasts for short as well as long term
    • It develops depression, anxiety, and lack of concentration 
    • Weakens our immunity
    • Rising unpleasant feelings
    • Effect physiological and physical behavior


    What are some examples of Eustress?

    There are many Eustress examples that we experience in different areas of our life. When we travel, watch a scary or thriller movie, read a novel, set a challenge or goal; these all scenarios develop stress in us to reach the end. Here are some evident examples when we are under Eustress. 


    Imagine we are dealing with international flights and going for a world tour. It will develop excitement to explore and discover more, some terror of air fly, and emotions of amusement. These new experiences sharpen our understanding and create strong mind perception.

    Life Changes:

    Imagine a newly married couple; They are perplexed and nervous on the first day and might be thinking as to WHY AM I STRESSED? Suppose a couple is going to enter parenthood. These all stresses are Eustress and are life-changing moments.

    New Hobbies and skills:

    Most of our time, we are in learning mode. We face stress on our first day at Montessori school, first art class, our first surgery, and our first day at the hostel, etc. All these moments are perplexing at that time. After that, we are experts in it. Thank Eustress.


    The crux of the matter

    Positive or negative stress is a part of life. We have no control over some of the physics of our minds. But we must look for ways to manage our stress level and add Eustress in our daily routine  Visit our website for learning more about different physiological situations, career counseling, relationship problems, and deliberate self-harm and addictions.

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