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15 Weird Things Covert Narcissists Do in Relationships

Intimate relationships can present a range of experiences, that involve both positive and difficult aspects. However, when one partner displays covert egoistic characteristics, the dynamics within the relationship can become notably complicated and emotionally stressful. Covert narcissists exhibit a significant ability to hide their authentic character by presenting themselves as humble, reserved, or vulnerable. Consequently, […]


12 destructive Things Covert Narcissists Say in Guise of Advice

  Trying to maintain relationships with people who have covert narcissistic tendencies is like trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube or being blindfolded while riding a unicycle on a tightrope. They may appear helpful, but don’t be fooled! These tricks are all about control, sympathy-seeking, and maintaining their oh-so-special status. From gaslighting to backhanded compliments, […]

Here are some tips that can be used for exposing the narcissist in workplace

6 Effective strategies for exposing the narcissist in a workplace

  Workplace narcissism, or as I like to call it, “The Battle of the Egos.” It’s when you encounter those delightful individuals who just can’t resist showing off their narcissistic qualities and actions in the office. It’s like a never-ending talent show, but instead of talent, it’s all about their inflated sense of self-importance but […]

Narcissist Husband

9 Effective Tactics to Expose a Narcissist Husband

  Having a partner with a personality disorder can be challenging. Think about being in a relationship with a narcissist and deciding between feeding your partner’s inflated sense of self-importance or dealing with the repercussions of making them feel irrelevant, marginalized, or neglected. It’s not easy to accept your own insignificance in the most crucial relationship […]

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9 things covert narcissists say to poison your mind

If someone close to you has ever left you feeling emotionally exhausted, manipulated, and torn apart by their words and actions, you may be interacting with a covert narcissist. Imagine having a normal conversation with someone who initially seems compassionate and understanding but who leaves you feeling confused and emotionally drained as you spend more […]

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7 Weird things covert narcissists do at work

Have you ever experienced emotional exhaustion at work because of the actions of another person? Some of our colleagues may have peculiar personality traits that make it difficult to understand them and exhausting to work with them. They can’t possibly a narcissists since they are so reserved and shy, right? Have you heard about the […]


7 Subtle Ego Boosting Things Covert Narcissists say

        Ever come across a mastermind who could effortlessly pull your emotional strings like a puppet master, leaving you helplessly craving their validation? Well, these people are none other than covert narcissists. These cunning people may look innocent but are indeed wicked enough to satisfy their egos. One study has found that […]

Female covert narcissists

5 Attention Seeking Habits of Female Covert Narcissist

Have you ever wondered how difficult it can be to deal with a narcissist person? Since a narcissist lives in a bubble where all they need is attention and praise, they can make the lives of other people a living hell. Narcissism tends to affect people in their teens and continues to leave its effects […]


7 Things That Will Drive Covert Narcissists Crazy

You can never have a moment of extreme weirdness unless you are surrounded by narcissists. Being in an environment with these individuals can cause you to lose your sanity. Their weird personality can drive an individual crazy in a matter of time. They exhibit mean and self-centered behaviors such as emotional manipulation, victimhood, and social […]

Narcissists do

6 Weird things covert narcissists do while spending

Intermingling with covert narcissists can be extremely tough, as they have some of the most testing personality behaviours such as grandiosity, authority, power, and a lack of empathy. Unfortunately, these traits have become more common in recent years. What makes things worse is that weird things covert narcissists do often ignored or are overlooked, principally […]


5 Things Covert narcissists say while discarding Partners

Unlike the flashy and attention-seeking ones, these folks operate undercover. They’re like undercover agents of self-importance, putting on a facade of innocence and humility. But once you’re behind closed doors, their true colours emerge, and they become masters of manipulation. They thrive on guilt-tripping you, playing the victim, and sowing seeds of doubt in your […]


6 Weird things covert narcissists do to terrorize you in car

Everyone loves to enjoy while going out with their friends or partners but things can get messy when you are with covert narcissists. Since, weird things covert narcissists do to make your life miserable.  Covert narcissists while driving a car may display a range of behaviors that reflect their underlying narcissistic tendencies. If you are […]