Vivid Dreams

5 Most Interesting Vivid Dreams Interpretations

Are vivid dreams an indication of your unconscious desires? Do dreams actually have a hidden meaning that you can interpret? These are some of the common questions that must have lingered upon your brain as a child or even as an adult. If you want to find out more about what vivid dreams actually are, why you might be having them, and interpretation of a few common vivid dreams, then keep reading.

What are Vivid Dreams?

It’s a common misconception that when your body goes to recharge when you sleep, the brain remains inactive. In reality, the brain remains quite active while we sleep and is often able to comprehend our dreams. Most people don’t even remember or just have a vague picture of what they had dreamt of but at times, these dreams can be so intense that they linger above your head even after you wake up, often referred to as vivid dreams.

These can be both positive and negative, fantasy or realistic. Vivid dreams that enhance the feeling of joy and excitement in your body, often leave you wanting to go back and continue the dream from where you left off when you wake up. Similarly, some dreams are so unrealistically fantastic that you might not be able to comprehend how your brain had conjured such strange scenarios. However, some vivid dreams can also be quite upsetting and interfere with one’s quality of sleep.

A vivid dream can hold countless meanings. By studying dream patterns, one can analyze the symbolic elements present in our dreams. Neurocognitive research indicates that dreams are representative of our repressed memories or might be a way of how we perceive the stuff that goes around in our daily lives. However, vivid dreams are not necessarily a recollection of what you have recently encountered in real-life activities.

Interpreting vivid dreams

Ever woke up sweating from a dream? Ever had a dream so intense that you wish to just glue the random clues from your dream together? There might be a way for you to do that- dream interpretation.

Interpreting vivid dreams and attaching useful meanings to them have both become entertainment and a source of self-reflection in today’s time. For years neurologists have studied dream patterns to analyze if our dreams actually hold a meaning. However they have not yet come to a conclusive judgment if any, but many analysts have still used observation and thorough research to attach meanings to a few of the most common vivid dreams pattern.

Let’s take a closer look at a few of the common vivid dream features and find what meaning they might hold for you.

Dreaming about failing a test

It’s very common for the young generation to have a dream about not being able to perform well or even failing the test, right before the actual exam day. Studies have shown that test-taking and arriving late to an important exam is very common in students.

This type of vivid dream can have a direct correlation with how you perceive your actual performance or preparation to be. If you dreamt about failing the test, it might be an indication of you not being very confident about how well you are prepared, showing signs of distress and anxiety in students who are unprepared for the upcoming challenges that behold them.

Dreaming about dying

One of the most common subjects in his field is dreaming of a death of a loved one or even themselves. A lot of interpretation and research has gone about finding if it actually has any practical implications. While a conclusive judgment is still lacking, research indicates that having death dreams when you are approaching the end of life, can hold significant meaning in terms of preparing them mentally for the loss.

Other researches indicate that such dreams might be an indication of anxiety about a possible change. Usually, it has to do with seeing your children grow up, seeing them go to college, get married, etc. the similarity is such that like death, with the change you are also uncertain about what awaits on the other side for you.

Dreaming about teeth falling off

Teeth are an indication of one’s ability to cut or bite. If one dreams about teeth falling off, it might mean that you have lost your assertive power and your ability to make decisions. The interpretation of this dream can take various sides like some argue it means that you have lost your ability to communicate effectively or develop a concern that you might have said something embarrassing.

Few researchers though have taken an entirely different point of view. As teeth are an essential element of a smile (an indication of beauty), dreaming about losing teeth can be an indication of you being conscious about your physical appearance and attractiveness.

Dreaming about falling

You must have encountered situations where you might feel a sudden jerk and find yourself right at the corner of your bed, about to fall. These dreams are very wrongly interpreted with some claiming it means you might be close to death, these are simply not true.

Popular researches show that dreaming about falling off can indicate that something is not going that well in your life or might be an indication of you being unsure about a life decision. For some, it can act as a motivation as well, to rethink their life decisions and take a new direction.

Contrary to the above interpretation, few renowned authors believe that dreaming about falling can indicate fear of losing something very dear to you or fear of failing somewhere.

Dreaming about flying

Dreams about flying in the open air are experienced by many. But the interpretation can take two different sides.  For some these dreams can be exciting but for some, they can be quite frightening as well.

On one hand, these might be an indication of independence or achieving freedom in some aspect of their lives. This freedom can also be linked to wanting to be free from the social norms of society. On the other hand, they can be a sign of wanting to escape a challenge or difficulty in life.

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