9 Weird things female Covert Narcissists Do to Control You after Breakup


Are you feeling difficulty in moving forward from your female ex who shows covert narcissistic traits? Even after a considerable amount of time has elapsed since your separation, your ex may continue trying to maintain influence over you, particularly if you co-parent, share mutual friends, or reside in the same locality. Ending a relationship with a female covert narcissist presents unique challenges. While this isn’t an exhaustive guide, drawing from personal experiences may help you identify resonant patterns or observed behaviors. It is extremely important to keep in mind various things .Here are some weird things female covert narcissists do to control you after a breakup.

1.) Responses to the breakup

Your ex often laughs at you after a covert narcissist breakup, in case she has ended the relationship. She will try to become emotionally distant, laughing at and belittling you, treating you with disdain as she likely already has another relationship in progress.

However, if you have initiated the breakup then you must expect temper tantrums, name-calling, abuse, threats, and attempts to control you, showing a dying need to keep a sense of control.

2.) Controlling the Future Outcome

Covert narcissist breakup also leads her to dictate the terms, and the situation requires you to move out in you are sharing a home, or limiting contact to her convenience.

In addition to that, sometimes she might discard your belongings, spread lies about you, or involve in harmful actions like keying your car.

3) Narcissists Throw Dirt on You

Covert narcissists have no qualms about spreading negativity about their ex. Therefore, If you were once married to such an individual, expect them to carry their emotional baggage into the courtroom.

Narcissists will throw any accusation, whether true or not, in an attempt to tarnish your reputation and see what accusations gain traction. Brace yourself for your partner painting you as the antagonist, whether within your social circle or in a legal setting.

The narcissists are devoid of empathy, prioritizing a relentless desire to win, and displaying a notable lack of concern for the consequences of their actions.

4) Narcissists never go quietly into the night

Narcissists never allow their exes to live peacefully even after a covert narcissist breakup. It might be tempting to believe that once you initiate a separation, the torment will finally cease. However, narcissists often intensify their abusive behaviors during this period.

Even in the most amicable separations, the process can bring out the worst in people, but narcissists use this time to further their campaign of fear and manipulation. Handling the situation without emotional involvement and with strategic care is crucial, as failure

5) Manipulation and blame

The female ex always avoids responsibility after initiating the covert narcissist breakup: She avoids, blaming you entirely for the relationship’s demise, using statements like, “I wouldn’t have sought attention elsewhere if you were more attentive.”

If you have initiated the breakup, then she oscillates between faux sweetness and covert criticism, suggesting you need self-improvement and portraying herself as a victim.

6) Triangulation

The female ex also uses triangulation tactics after the covert narcissist breakup initiated by her. She involves trusted individuals to support her decision, claiming they agree with her superiority.

The female ex uses similar tactics even if you end the relationship by telling others you’re making a mistake, attempting to garner sympathy.

7) Accusations and projections

The covert narcissist breakup gives her the  chance to accuse you of being abusive or self-centered, projecting her own issues onto you. In addition to that ,she also accuses you of ingratitude and mistreatment, projecting her own actions onto you.

8) Undermining identity

Regardless of who initiates the covert narcissist breakup: She undermines your identity and self-worth, asserting superiority in various areas, even if unfounded.

9) Pity and sympathy

After few days of the covert narcissist breakup, she plays the final game of getting sympathy, whether she’s leaving or being left, portraying herself as a victim and blaming you for her distress.

Final Words

Recognizing these patterns can be crucial for those dealing with a covert narcissistic breakup, helping to navigate the challenges and seek support from friends, family, or professionals.

However, managing covert narcissist breakup can be tough, as your female partner might depict controlling behaviors.

Having someone supportive who comprehends the dynamics of dealing with narcissists is beneficial. If there are legal aspects involved, especially in marriages or shared belongings, experts’ advice seeking the assistance of an attorney experienced in handling divorces with narcissistic spouses.

Finally, the important factor is to emphasize your own happiness and create healthy boundaries to safeguard yourself from further dangers. It is essential to remember that you are worthy to be treated with admiration and compassion, and it’s okay to rank your own life demands and well-being.

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