About the Founder

Ammad hafeez qureshi  is an experienced content writer, investor, you tuber ,freelancer ,author and entrepreneur based in Karachi, Pakistan.  He works hard to bring high-quality, insightful and authentic information on finance, politics, mental health, career counseling, financial freedom, and international economics.

Career as a Content writer

Ammad hafeez  is a passionate content writer with a deep interest in politics and finance. He has done MBA finance and currently doing CFA .He has more than 10 years’ experience of working with a wide variety of companies such as oil & gas , forex management and content management companies. During his experience with these companies, He has worked on seo based articles, sales copies, web content, business plans, press releases, market reports, country reports etc. 

He is currently working  as senior content writer in a Pakistan IT company based in Karachi.

Loves investing

Ammad hafeez is working in the Pakistan stock market as an independent investor since 2017. He is a great admirer of Warren Buffet and his value investment strategies. Ammad used to write for a finance magazine “Money and matters” from 2016 to 2018. His primary responsibilities were to provide insightful advice on value based and growing stocks.

He is planning to start his own Investment newsletter in next few weeks.

Career as a Freelancer and blogger

Ammd hafeez Qureshi has more than 10 years’ experience of working with a wide variety of international and national freelance clients. He  is currently a 4.8-star level 1 fiverr seller which shows client’s trust on his work. You can check his  fiverr profile by clicking here :

In addition to that, i am also running my own blog, click here to check it 

My blog covers  topics related to psychological issues, career counseling, financial freedom, and investment. 


Passionate Youtuber

Ammad Hafeez Hafeez produces quality content for his YouTube channel named “Political economy”. It covers diverse topics of history, economics, politics and religion. Moreover, I am also managing my own YouTube channel .Check by clicking here .

You can learn more about the basic theme, and background of the channel by clicking here (Add url of the page explaining it)


Ammad Hafeez Qureshi has published his debut novel by the name of “ Blind alley”. It is a psychological thriller and quite popular among readers interested in thrilling stories. It is available on the renowned book sellers such as Barnes & Nobles and Lulu.

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Ammad is currently working on his second novel and hopes to see it published mid-2022.

Life has become extremely fast and youngsters have to cope with numerous challenges. They need guidance and help to take care of these issues.

I have seen people suffering from these issues and how these problems make life hell for them. I have always felt that there is a need of solving these problems on time to make their future life easier for them. Moreover, it would also help them to transform their academic and professional career.

Therefore, I always felt a need to create a platform to provide them with feasible solutions to their serious problems. It would help us to create a better world for them. It gave birth to an idea called “YouthTabletalk“.

Youthtabletalk is a place where we recognize common issues experienced by teenagers and youngsters. It has hired high-quality writers who know how to provide feasible solutions to these problems.

Everyone is invited to share their concerns with us, and we are here to offer solutions to their problems through our articles.



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